Hengshan 2.9 earthquake system a coal mine roof collapse caused 2 deaths and 5 people slightly injur sayu-02

Hengshan 2.9 earthquake system, a coal mine roof collapse caused 2 deaths, 5 people slightly injured, Hengshan city hall town a coal mine collapse accident, 2 people were killed, 5 people slightly injured. Western network (Shaanxi radio and television news reporter Zhao Lei) yesterday (September 17th) at 8:32 in the evening, Chinese seismic network officially measured: located in the Hengshan County of Yulin City, Shaanxi Province, north latitude 38 degrees, 109.51 degrees east longitude, 2.9 earthquake occurred, focal depth of 0 km. So what caused the earthquake, the reporter contacted with the local government last night, confirmed that this is a coal mine working face roof collapse caused by safety accidents. The accident coal mine is located in the dam beach coal mine of Dian Town, Hengshan county. The accident point is located in the 1307 working face of the mine, when there are 91 people down the well, 1307 working face has 13 people, in the construction process, because the roof collapsed, 7 people were injured. After the accident, Hengshan County Coal Bureau, temple town, the coal mine rescue teams and other units to immediately carry out emergency rescue, at 9:40 in the evening, 91 people underground or all the wells, treatment of 2 injured personnel, 5 officers were slightly injured were sent to the Hengshan County Red Cross Hospital, Baixin hospital. 2 seriously wounded people died after rescue, and the other 5 injured persons had stable vital signs, which were under further treatment. After verification, this is a private coal mine, the legal representative of Lei Ziqing; and the beach is also the dam coal technological transformation, has not passed the acceptance, the 2 victims were male, 48 year old Tang Lin, Jin town in Hubei province; a 50 year old male, you Qing, Hunan Province, the town of Lu Feng people. At present, the aftermath is under negotiation. After the accident, the main leaders of Hengshan county Party committee and county government made instructions, requiring full rescue of the injured. At the same time, the relevant units of the main leaders and leaders in charge of the organization responsible for the county government held a special meeting, is to rescue the injured and safe production of coal mine in the county comprehensive investigation work carried out the arrangements, the other 5 injured temporarily stable vital signs are further cure.

横山2.9级地震系一煤矿顶板垮落 致2人死亡5人轻伤   横山殿市镇一煤矿井下发生垮塌事故,2人遇难5人轻伤。   西部网讯(陕西广播电视台新闻中心 记者 赵磊)昨天(9月17日)晚上8点32分,中国地震台网正式测定:位于陕西省榆林市横山县北纬38.00度,东经109.51度,发生2.9级地震,震源深度0千米。那么是什么引发了地震记者昨晚和当地政府联系证实,这是一起煤矿井下作业面顶板垮落引发的安全生产事故。   发生事故的煤矿位于横山县殿市镇的水坝滩煤矿。事故点位于井下1307工作面,当时有91人下井,1307工作面有13人,在施工过程中由于顶板垮落,造成7人受伤。事故发生后,横山县煤炭局、殿市镇、煤炭矿山救护队等单位立即开展紧急救援,晚上9点40分,井下91人全部升井,2名重伤人员、5名轻伤人员分别送往横山县红会医院、百信医院救治。2名重伤员经抢救无效死亡,另外5名受伤人员暂时生命体征平稳,正在进一步救治当中。   经核实,该煤矿为民营煤矿,法人代表雷子卿;而水坝滩煤也正在进行技术改造,还未通过验收,目前2名遇难者分别为:汤林洪,男,48岁,湖北省上津镇人;顿友庆,男,50岁,湖南省卢峰镇人。目前,善后事宜正在协商解决当中。   事故发生后,横山县委、县政府主要领导做出指示,要求全力抢救伤者。同时,县政府主要领导组织分管领导及相关单位负责人召开专题会议,就抢救伤者与全县煤矿安全生产排查工作全面进行了安排部署,另外5名受伤人员暂时生命体征平稳,正在进一步救治当中。相关的主题文章: