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Hongkong actress admit was a former boyfriend hit: he single handedly grabbed my neck in the photo with the Korean actress actress injured boyfriend Tencent according to Hong Kong media entertainment news "Oriental Daily" reported that the combination MVG member Zhou Xiaotong (Ivy) and Facebook Instagram in the photo and upload a bruise before the message was directed and Korean Thai boxing coach and boyfriend hit models. An hour later, Ivy rushed to delete photos, stand out the Ivy interview, said in August and broke up each other, ask to know each other? Ivy said: "the friend is introduced, in May began to fall in love." She added: "to know him is very normal, after he found drinking drugs have the same day, Dutch act of violence, the gathering of friends no matter, I think of a runaway insane on the day." At this point, Ivy eyes red. "It is life fell into the black hole" cool for half a minute, and then about Ivy serial battered process: "once asleep, suddenly punched into my eyes, and tried one hand pinch my neck. Why don’t you break up? He relented, 8 months on Monday officially broke up, he suddenly opens the door to, he stole my keys, then pushed me kick me, I immediately to the police, the police came to seem to help him, I am disappointed helpless, it is life fell into a black hole." Dare not to love with Korean men Ivy admitted that he had to take the other side to see a psychiatrist, the doctor directed at her former boyfriend suffering from severe bipolar disorder, she said: he so I sleep well every night, so afraid of him, he is so horrible." Depressed Ivy said: "because I serious depression, but also increase the drug, now being shock." She also revealed that the other side had tried to use a knife: he will put the knife in the back into the room, I asked him what was in his hand, it was the knife, I immediately grabbed the knife. He is not afraid to kill you? Came too suddenly, did not think so much." After the bitter experience of Ivy stressed that no longer with Korean men fall in love, she said: "there is a shadow."相关的主题文章: