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How in the end what test drive test lead when: we’re going to buy a watermelon fruit shop, to cut a piece out of taste. This watermelon is sweet, I buy it. When to buy a car openly, test drive will not engage, directly put the car back, I think this is not reliable. Concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! I do not understand the car, you let me go to open a circle, I can not drive out anything, then the price is appropriate, look good, then I will buy back, right? Most online check information, see how to word of mouth. Today to share with you, our friends, if you go to the test drive, where we can know how much the car is good or bad. First, if it is ready to test drive. The first step is to call to make an appointment, I will come tomorrow, you have to be in the car, you do not want to take away the leadership of the sale, a mess of things. So about second days, we can go to the drive. The second days we took his driving license to drive, drive before sign an agreement. You see this is an important agreement inside the car you drive, its insurance has no insurance, third party liability insurance has no, don’t say is a compulsory insurance streaking, we do not recommend this kind of car is opened. Basically we will be on the road, so you don’t get the key excitedly at once to the car run, sales generally will introduce you to the test drive route, where to go? What is the general test on the road? You know a little more, then you drive a little less distracted, feel the opportunity of the car, the concentration will be higher. So, don’t rush around the car, you have a look around the car around what scratch, what problem, don’t say what drive back to get you in trouble, no significance. The car is arguably the first try, and then drive, because previously we talked about the test drive the process, today we speak directly to sit on the train, sitting on the car, first you need to adjust the steering wheel, seat, rearview mirror, can make you more comfortable driving. Is your right foot tips, hard to press the brake pedal foot in the end, after you feel your knee is not straight, or slightly a little crooked things, that basically leg position is still relatively good. Then, your shoulders do not leave your seat back, two hands stretched forward in the past, the wrist and the direction of your disk is along the touch of the prison, and that this position basically the steering wheel is almost the same. If you can’t see yourself in the rearview mirror in the rearview mirror, you can’t see the person on your right. The rearview mirror on the left side of the things, you will get professional sales staff to get off, stand in that area, you can see more or less a glimpse, basically is to fix. We do not talk about the process, mainly about how to try this car? Well, first we’ll start the car相关的主题文章: