How To Create A Lead Capture Page That Converts Like

UnCategorized Most people have no idea how to create a lead capture page that converts visitors into leads. Unfortunately many lead capture pages are slopped together without compelling ad copy and the key triggers that get people interested in an offer. In this article you will discover why certain landing pages convert like crazy while others don’t. You will also learn some pin point accurate techniques to make your next lead capture page project a huge success. One major problem that people run into creating capture pages is how to write compelling copy. If you are a beginning copy writer or someone who has trouble with skill than it’s important to study copy writing or hire someone to help you with the process. Here are a few tips to help you out with lead capture page copy writing: #1 – It is important to use a mix of compelling sales points with powerful psychological triggers. Most people who create a sales page miss either one or both of those elements. #2 – Concentrate on building enthusiasm with a little bit of hype but make sure to clearly explain what solution you are providing and for whom you are providing it for. If I don’t have a specific problem that you’re solving you are not going to convert traffic into leads. #3 – Sprinkle in psychological triggers, such as "Proven to Work", "Revealed", and "Insider Secrets". These buzz words will compel your visitors to continue reading your copy and raise the perceived value of your offer. #3 – Make sure your lead capture page has a smooth flow. If the copy looks amateurish and it doesn’t slowly grind forward you won’t break down your visitor’s resistance to the sale, or opting in to become a lead. #4 – Personalize your copy by using your name, location and even a picture of yourself throughout your page. This not only builds credibility but also lets people know that there is a real person behind the offer they are reading on the website. In addition to careful copy writing, there are other important things you must take into consideration when writing a lead capture page that converts. For instance, it is important to build a compelling case for a limited time offer. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to invent fake deadlines and constantly revise them each week. However, you will want to make sure that you constantly urge the reader to act immediately by inserting a number of "calls to action" along the way. Here is an example of a "call to action": "Don’t Wait… I’m Only Planning On Giving Away 50 Copies of My "Internet Cashflow" Report Before I Pull It Offline For Good – Grab Your FREE Copy NOW Before It’s Too Late!" As you can see, I’m creating a sense of urgency or "call to action" to get my prospect to act quickly and make a decision. Not only does this call to action build perceived value for my offer but it also gives the prospect direction on what I want them to do. Creating a quality lead capture page doesn’t have to be a long drawn out process either and sometimes less is more. Rather than building a compelling case with multiple triggers and calls to action over the course of 1000+ words, you may want to simply condense that all into a compelling headline and one paragraph of the "benefits" of your offer. You will find that you can sky rocket your opt-in rates with this technique unless the visitor a) doesn’t see any benefits from taking you up on your offer and b) suspects that you will spam them or sell their email address and information. Both of these problems are easy to overcome though by doing a few small things. First, in your headline simply state the exact benefits they will receive for joining or "opting in" to your list. In your first paragraph of copy, give them a compelling reason to join now (i.e., the price might go up, the list might become private, grab a copy of my amazing report). Now, to overcome the second problem, simply include a short line under your opt-in form that explains that you will not spam them or sell their email address and name. This is known as your "terms and conditions" or "privacy policy". Here is an example "Privacy Policy" I like to use: "Please Note: I respect you privacy and your information will only be used to deliver the materials relating to my incredible limited time offer (No Spam – EVER). All contact information must be accurate or valuable materials will not be delivered." You can even put your phone number and name in your privacy policy to help with the credibility of your promise not to spam or sell the prospects information. In closing, creating a lead capture page that converts like crazy isn’t as hard as you might think. Simply exercise some of the techniques outlined in this article to put yourself on the fast track to lead generation and opt-in list building success. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: