HUAWEI Nova China to 2588 yuan price exposure Xiaolong 625- digital Sohu zhuxianduowan

HUAWEI Nova China price exposure: 2588 yuan Xiaolong 625- digital mobile phone China Sohu [news] in early September, the positioning of young fashion HUAWEI Nova series mobile phone has been in the overseas debut, after a lapse of one month, now the Nova series of new machines will finally be released in China market. It is reported that HUAWEI Nova will be popular idol Zhang Yixing and Guan Xiaotong endorsement, has opened a number of platforms such as Jingdong appointment. Jingdong released the reservation price, the Jingdong gives reservation price of 2588 yuan, the Jingdong that this price is the price of virtual actual price in October 14th, manufacturers conference announced the price shall prevail, but taking into account the Suning also gives 2588 yuan booking price, so we guess the final pricing should be similar to the HUAWEI Nova price and this. If HUAWEI Nova really priced at around 2588 yuan, then, in fact, is much cheaper than the overseas version. It is reported that its overseas version price from 399 euros (about RMB 2970 yuan) start. HUAWEI Nova configuration, HUAWEI Nova equipped with 14nm technology Qualcomm snapdragon 625 processor, built-in 3GB RAM+32GB ROM standard 3020mAh high density battery, dual card dual standby full Netcom, equipped with 5 million pixel front + rear 12 million pixel camera, support 2 and 3 beauty beauty, not only the color value is high, but also can guarantee in front of the camera you shoot high color value. As mentioned earlier, HUAWEI Nova new machine will be released in October 14th, directed at the appearance and configuration, you will consider starting?相关的主题文章: