IBM cloud new mobile device security services, the company is not afraid of missing data from the co x3210

IBM Cloud new security services for mobile devices, the company is not afraid of thieves about data from Sohu technology information technology company betanews to solve the security problems, the most headache is a mobile device. In the company, each employee has at least one mobile device, which involves a large number of internal data. Therefore, once the employee’s mobile device is a network attack, then the company’s data is very dangerous. Now, IBM plans to use its own IBM cloud platform to solve this problem, to increase the security of the company’s mobile terminals. The mobile terminal security management service called MaaS360, which can ensure the safety of network and data, provide all the necessary tools for monitoring and management of the mobile terminal, and ultimately improve safety and employee satisfaction, reduce the IT burden. For example, an employee reported that her iPad was lost. IT began tracking the equipment found in an active state, all the information on the device immediately erase, prevent information leakage. After a quick analysis of tracking report, the staff identified the following equipment located in the seat of employees. Jim Brennan is the IBM Security strategy and provides management, endpoint management and security director. He said; "now, mobile security issues gradually expanded, so we also increase the IBM cloud platform management capacity, this local or in the whole world, customers can safely use their mobile devices." Currently, IBM has more than 10000 customers, they manage the 5 million mobile devices. Although the size of the mobile device managed by each customer is different, MaaS360 has confirmed that it can handle the matter no matter how large it is. Now employees are more flexible in using their mobile devices." MassS360 will provide customers with four levels, from the entry system to the enterprise supply system (can contain thousands of users, and can handle complex analysis). At present, the service management in France and India have been put into use, the United States, Germany, Singapore and other countries are in trial operation, and in the next two years, there will be eight countries to join the ranks. Via:betanews相关的主题文章: