Interesting Facts About The Heritage Of Red Rose

Branding Since ancient times, red roses have been synonymous with love and inspiration. Revered for their fragrance and beauty, they occupy a prominent place in the world history. From Romans to the French, all possessed a fetish for this astounding flower and made extensive use of it during significant events. This tradition continues till today and we still invest in red rose flower arrangements to commemorate lifes special occasions. Listed below are few interesting facts about roses and the role they played in history: Shakespeares love for roses was evident by the fact that he penned over 50 references of this beautiful creation throughout his writings. The Hildesheim Cathedral of Germany is home to the 1000-year old Rosebush, which is the worlds oldest living rose. Cleopatra was so passionate about red roses that her palace was always embellished with red rose flower arrangements. From banquet tables, to cushions, mattresses, and flooring, she ensured to adorn the castle with the fragrance and extravagance of the dazzling flower. The ancient Greek accessorized roses on festive occasions by making rose garlands and sprinkling themselves with rose-scented oil. Napoleon’s wife Josephine grew almost 250 varieties of roses in her palace garden. In the Roman Empire, there was an amazingly beautiful maiden by the name of Rhodanthe. Overwhelmed by a flotilla of suitors who relentlessly tried to pursue her, Rhodanthe took refuge at the temple of her friend Diana. Romans say that when the suitors barged into the temple, Diana felt jealous & enraged, and turned Rhodanthe into a rose flower and the suitors into thorns. In the 17th century, French explorer Samuel deChamplain was the first one to deliver red rose flower arrangements to North America. The legendary Chinese philosopher Confucius owned a 600-book library specifically on the subject of how to care for roses. According to Roman Mythology, white roses grew whenever tears dropped from the eyes of Venus who grieved the loss of her lover Adonis. Further, when she strolled through the garden, and pricked her foot on thorns, the droplets of her blood would transform the white roses into red. Roses will continue to exist in our lives eternally, alluring us by their sheer beauty and aroma. For those who wish to buy flowers online, they may select from a myriad of online florists that deliver gorgeous flower ensembles at the doorstep. One such premium online flower store is .FlowerAura.. that lures its customers with attractive deals and charming flower assortments. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: