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IPhone 6 does not support iOS 10 hand bright screen is Apple’s brains? After the upgrade to the Sohu iOS 10, a point of praise is the function of the wrist bright screen". Is about to pick up the phone from the desktop and other places, the phone will automatically light up the screen to reduce a mechanical press, really convenient. However, this feature only supports iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 6 and earlier models do not support. Why iPhone 6 and earlier models do not support her bright screen? This is the apple in order to attract people to upgrade to the latest mobile phone design plans? This function is very simple to implement the principle, the phone is based on gyroscope and other sensors, aware of their own user picked up the scene, and then automatically lit the screen. Earlier, the existing Andrews machine to achieve a similar function, vivo X6 Plus will support "out of pocket automatic light screens, Apple Watch and many first generation smart watches also support lift wrist bright screen. The principle is very simple, not easy to achieve. To achieve her bright screen, the key point is the sensor and algorithm with sufficient accuracy, so as to accurately detect the "hand" of the action. Otherwise, there may be two cases, one is too sensitive, not just wave light screens, such as the mobile phone in his pocket inside the screen constantly is lit, it will be very power, bring pressure to life; two is too slow, the hand can not go, or on the table does not automatically turn off screen, still need to mechanical press. It is because of this, such a good function, and now the phone is not much, there is a mobile phone to achieve double click on the screen or slide light screen feature, in disguise to meet the needs of the user’s smart bright screen. This can explain why iPhone 6 and earlier models do not support the wrist bright screen, the main reason is that the sensor is not sensitive enough. Some people pointed out that her bright screen is M9 "co processor based on iPhone 6 and earlier models without M9 co processor therefore does not support her bright screen. Is it possible for apple to induce you to upgrade to the latest mobile phone, deliberately does not support iPhone 6 and earlier models? Not likely. First, if so, apple can not even support iPhone 6S, there is no need to treat differently. Second, 7 and 7 iPhone iPhone small Plus attract people upgrade is not "hand bright screen", but by the performance, video and music and other aspects of the upgrade. Therefore, if this function is not supported in iPhone 6 and earlier models of Apple’s efforts, some blamed apple.   相关的主题文章: