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IPhone 7 version version ten times the Emperor than a beggar?! The truth of the whole – Sohu digital is known, SSD read and write speed has a great relationship with the capacity, in general, the same model, large capacity than the small capacity to read and write faster. This is mainly related to the number of flash integrated chips. For example, the master of the same two SSD, a 32GB, a 256GB, are using 16GB monolithic capacity flash memory chip. 32GB as long as 2 pieces of flash memory chip, and 256GB needs 16 flash memory chip. While SSD read and write, the data will be scattered, while reading and writing multiple flash memory chip. As a result, the advantages of the 256GB version of the SSD16 chip flash memory on the show. The same applies to mobile phone flash, recently, some foreign media using Basemark OS II test software for different capacity version of iPhone 7 was tested. The capacity of 128GB iPhone7 in the read and write speed is far better than the 32GB version. The main results are as follows: as you can see, 128GB version, 32GB flash write were 308 Mbyte s and 39.6 Mbyte s, nearly ten times the gap, reading speed is 926 Mbyte s and 691 Mbyte s, also sent nearly 1/3. Similar tests, before a lot of media testing. Thus, there will be an apple deliberately slow beggar version of the conclusion. But this is not much of a relationship with the manufacturers, the principle of flash work. In fact, for the general daily use, 32GB version can meet the needs of the basic, you will not copy a large capacity file.相关的主题文章: