Is pulled into the black list of bad dishes don’t know they eat more healthy

Is pulled into the black list of bad dishes don’t know they eat more healthy vegetables because some special flavor or fiber content is too high, being pulled into the horrible "black list", but there are a lot of nutrition these bad food, you made it? List the reasons: Houttuynia cordata No1 simple to understand is the smell of fish grass, a lot of people in the north but it is unable to resist sustain the blows of Yunnan and Guizhou, the people’s favorite, favorite people to break away, not accustomed to eating people killed also don’t eat! The verdict is not only is the wild herbs: Houttuynia, medicinal herbs, can Qingrejiedu, diuretic, can improve immunity, use it to boil soup to drink, can effectively discharge heat accumulation body. But you must note that Houttuynia can not boil too long time, otherwise it will damage the efficacy, 15 minutes is appropriate. No2 bitter gourd list reasons: bitter! The verdict: balsam pear contains an alkaloid, charantin, it gives the special taste of bitter gourd. For many people, this is bitter to stimulate the taste buds, enhance the role of appetite (beer bitterness from the hops, also has a role in stimulating the appetite). In bitter gourd momordicin have their uses, may help to reduce the blood sugar of diabetic. Some experiments in vitro and animal experiments have confirmed the effect of Momordica charantia L. on reducing blood glucose, and there are some evidences in clinical trials, but these data are not enough to recommend the use of Momordica charantia to control blood glucose. Bitter gourd can not replace the hypoglycemic agents, the relevant research found that a large number of consumption of bitter gourd and can not achieve the purpose of targeted hypoglycemic substances, and may even be due to excessive intake of other substances side effects. No3 parsley on the list of reasons: coriander strange fragrance, some people happy and sad. The verdict: coriander can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, has the role of Xingpi appetizers. Spleen deficiency people eat moderately coriander can also have a warming stomach for dispelling cold, help digestion, relieve stomach pain, can be made of coriander porridge to drink. Coriander extract has significant antipyretic Touzhen diaphoretic function, its special flavor can stimulate the secretion of sweat, to the body sweating, rash. List the reasons: No4 leek leek has a pungent odor, some people obsessed with leek unique spicy flavor, but some people dislike the smell of leek, and it’s all because of volatile sulfur compounds and essential oils which, after eating in the mouth taste is also very difficult to disperse, in order to avoid embarrassment, many people choose not to eat leeks. The verdict: leek is China’s home grown vegetables, cultivation has a history of more than 3000 years, the breed is rich in natural resources. In addition to volatile oil, leek also contains saponins, flavonoids and other substances. These substances in addition to a certain bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect, can help improve immunity, reduce blood lipids. In the summer, leeks will emerge a stalk to grow to 10 ~ 15 cm, can eat, fried egg, fried shredded pork, nice color, nutrition reasonable collocation. As for the Chinese chive flower, the most familiar is the Hot pot and eat mutton slices cooked in hot pot sauce, is the flower leek sprouts picked, paste, salt pickled sauce. Because of high salt content, eat a little bit, a little taste on the line. No5 carrot list reasons: the taste is not good to describe, but do not like. The verdict: the nutritional value of carrot is known to every family, like traditional Chinese medicine.相关的主题文章: