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News-and-Society Islam and Fascism are often seen as two separate ideals. One is a political ideology while one is a religion. This is where the differences end. Fascism and Islam are very much alike when it .es to ideology. Both of them demand utter .pliance, do not tolerate dissidents and promote human rights abuses. Much has been written about the alleged human rights abuses in the Gitmo prison that was established for terror suspects by the former administration of US President George W. Bush. Tales of torture called water boarding and humiliation of prisoners have been fodder for the mainstream media all over the world, with the actions of the United States condemned by other countries. Current president, Barack Obama, has ordered the prison closed and for trials of the prisoners to take place in the United States. Shortly after condemning the human rights abuses at Gitmo that were alleged to have taken place, President Obama was photographed bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia. When it .es to Islam and Fascism, there is no better country in the world to learn about this type of ideology than Saudi Arabia. In this country, Fascism and Islam walk hand in hand. There is no freedom of speech. There is no freedom of worship. Women are not allowed to drive and are subjected to outrageous human rights abuses that are ignored by groups that are too busy looking after child killers on death row in US prisons. This is an example of the relationship between Islam and Fascism. Fascism and Islam both deny simple human rights. While movements like Amnesty International is all over the United States because of the death penalty, they ignore the fact that virtually every Islamic country also uses this form of punishment in a much crueler way and for offenses that are not even seen as crimes in most of the civilized world. The difference between Fascism and Islam is that one operates under the guise of a religion. Because westerners are taught to be tolerant of other religious beliefs, the human rights abuses that are a routine part of Islamic culture are ignored. While Fascism is a controlled government, Islam is considered to be a religious ideology. The fact that Islam preaches extermination of those who do not follow the religion is ignored. The fact that many Islamic countries are leaders of human rights abuses is also ignored. Islam and Fascism are not seen as the same thing because of the religious element in Islam. However, the ideology between Fascism and Islam is the same. Both preach intolerance of others who do not fall into the fold, encourage human rights abuses and also state a supremacy. The fact that Islamists are taught that they are supreme to others because of their religion is very similar to the Nazis who strove to create the master race of blue eyed blonds. Islam is Fascism wrapped up in a different package and presented as a peaceful and loving religion. Despite the glaring obvious that is clearly stated in the Koran, increases in terrorist attacks and a never ending stream of human rights abuses in Islamic countries, the world tends to ignore the similarities between Islam and Fascism. Just like the world ignored Adolph Hitler until he invaded Poland. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: