It can also kiss infectious disease prevention of sexually transmitted diseases don’t kiss peepsamurai

It can also kiss infectious disease prevention of sexually transmitted diseases don’t kiss in the fierce kiss, if you accidentally hurt each other or oral gingival mucosa, will cause a small amount of bleeding, and if both sides are injured at the same time, or a party originally had the wound (the most common periodontal disease), kissing you not only is the exchange of blood exchange slobber, but. A lot of germs or viruses that have been stored in the blood or saliva do not block into each other’s body. Therefore, in addition to the common cold, hepatitis, tuberculosis, AIDS, syphilis, oral herpes could be infected by the way of kissing, and kissing each other so to think twice before, but most of the couples who are in love or what happened afterwards will think these problems are usually too late. Kissing mentioned health, many people will think oral sex is safe, it is to emphasize a kind of oral sex is sexual behavior, sexual behavior in the human animal is in the most tricks, not only limited to sexual intercourse sexual organs, according to the statistics of some non-governmental organizations, the couple has oral sex behavior accounted for more than forty percent, and it is venereal disease by oral oral infection to the organ or the best way to reverse the infection. First talk about ethics and social norm level, that kind of condition should not necessarily everyone kissing the concerns itself with the flu, lips and oral diseases (such as herpes) are not kissing, and syphilis, AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis and other diseases of the people and do not others are kissing behavior. There is no evidence that kiss AIDS infection to AIDS and cheek. Parents kiss the child’s cheeks is love, some western countries, the kiss is a guest of politeness, even in Chinese folk legends eat each other’s slobber a lifetime will be listened to him, at a certain level, this explanation is still quite relevant. Thus, kissing or kissing is not a casual act, so you must think about it when you want to do it.

接吻竟然也可传染性病 预防性病不要随意接吻   在激烈的拥吻时,如果不小心弄伤了对方口腔或牙龈的黏膜,一定会造成少量的出血,而如果双方都同时受伤,或一方原本就有伤口(最常见的是牙周病),那接吻就不祗是口水交流,而是血水交流了。很多原本就藏在血中或唾液中的病菌或病毒就毫无阻拦的进入对方的身体。   因此除了最常见的感冒外,肝炎、结核病、爱滋病、梅毒、口腔的泡疹等都可能经由接吻的途径感染,因此要和对方深吻前,务必三思,可惜大部份热恋的情侣都是在事后或发生事情以后才会想到这些问题,通常都已经太晚了。   提到接吻的卫生,很多人一定会联想到口交是否安全,首先要强调的是口交也是性行为中的一种,人类的性行为是动物中花样最多的,并不单祗限于两性性器官的交合,根据一些民间团体的统计,国内夫妻或情侣有口交行为的占百分之四十以上,而口交正是性病由口腔传染到性器官或反向感染的最佳途径。   先不谈伦理道德及社会规范的层面,那一种身体状况下不宜接吻一定是大家所关切的问题,本身有流行性感冒,嘴唇口腔的疾病(如泡疹)时都不宜接吻,而有梅毒、爱滋病、结核病、肝炎等疾病的人则千万不要和别人有深吻的行为。目前并没有任何的证据显示轻吻爱滋病人的脸颊会因而感染到爱滋病。   父母亲吻小孩的脸颊是疼爱的行为,有些西方国家,轻吻是对客人一种礼貌的表现,在中国民间甚至传说吃了对方的口水就会一辈子听他的话了,在某一个层面上,这样的解释还相当的切题。 由此可见,亲吻或接吻并不是一件随便的行为,因此在你要这么做时,一定要先好好的想过。相关的主题文章: