Jiang Jieshi’s whereabouts by the Japanese killed in the bombing suicide risk ajviewer

Jiang Jieshi’s whereabouts by the Japanese killed in the bombing of Jiang Jieshi suicide risk review of Japanese soldiers                                                               the 2 1940 21 June Liu Han Zhong, Jiang Jieshi and Zhang Zhizhong et al from Chongqing flight attendant Guilin, then to take the train to liuzhou. The purpose of his visit was to preside over the review meeting of the South Guangxi campaign held in Liuzhou. At the same time, more than 100 Kuomintang generals gathered here from all over the country. This is an important military conference in the history of Chinese Anti Japanese war. The Japanese military quickly detect the trend of Jiang Jieshi’s, of course, will not miss this opportunity. On the afternoon of 22, the Japanese sent more than 30 destroyers and bombers to bomb the area around Liuzhou. Jiang Jieshi in his diary, a detailed record of the event: "nap wake up early, at two fifteen, heard the sound, the life guards the direction of rotation, and will alert enemy to blow over, ready to go out, is urgently, the rush of love, almost as the beginning of Yan Xi’an incident." Said, "when I go out, Captain Wang Shihe said the enemy has been head over, like a. Know enemy aircraft such as bombing Liuzhou, its target must be in, but is urgently into the upper air raid shelter of the mountain. After a short while, more than 20 frame together to the hole on the enemy bombing. Spin attack, low altitude divebombing, a hole on the right are playing fifty meters to 100 meters of the mountain, the twelve meter injured guards." The old news of the Xi’an incident has become Jiang’s life heart. The attack on Liuzhou, "at the beginning of the Xi’an incident", was a tense and embarrassing situation. Accompanied by Zhang Zhizhong also recorded in the Memoirs of the distress process: I served in the service room during the period,…… Once suffered a great deal of danger. It was in Liuzhou. I went to the meeting with Jiang Jieshi from Guilin by train, arrived at eight in the morning, lived in the horn mountain, and came to the alarm at eleven, but then there was no news. I ate lunch with Jiang, and I didn’t hear any information. Jiang has rested. I came down from upstairs and prepared to have a rest. Just taking off my coat, I suddenly remembered: why don’t you make a phone call and ask the air defense command? Just holding the phone, just listen to a piece of "coaxing, coaxing" voice, the enemy hit! Hastened to coat, called adjutant, quickly asked Jiang downstairs. At this time, the enemy has come. Near and no good shelter, only one ten feet high ten feet deep natural cave, I go in with Jiang shun. The fifty or sixty aircraft, nine aircraft group, partial strikes, concentrated around, off the bomb bomb, hundreds of stars, the earth roll, I and Jiang sitting inside, lying in the entourage underground, a mud. 蒋介石行踪被日军侦知 险亡于空袭轰炸 蒋介石检阅抗日将士                                   文 刘汉忠   1940 年2 月21 日,蒋介石及随行者张治中等人由重庆飞桂林,随即改乘坐火车来到柳州。他此行的目的是主持在柳州召开的桂南会战检讨会。与此同时,国民党100 多名高级将领也从各地聚集于此。这是中国抗战史上一次重要的军事会议。   日本军方很快侦知了蒋介石这次的动向,当然不会放过这个机会。   22 日的午后, 日军派出30 余架驱逐机、轰炸机对柳州羊角山一带进行轰炸。蒋介石在自己的日记中,详细记录了这次活动:“午睡初醒,二时十五分,闻机声,命卫士审其方向,旋忽警觉敌 机必来炸余,乃急披衣整装外出,其匆促之情,殆不啻于西安事变之初焉。”又说,“当余外出时,侍卫长王世和称敌机已由头上飞过,似不紧要。余知敌机如来炸 柳州,其目标必在余,乃急入后山之上层防空洞。少顷,敌机二十余架齐向洞上投弹。旋又来袭,低空俯冲投弹,弹皆着洞上右方五十米至百米之山巅,计伤卫士十 二人。”   西安事变的旧事,成了蒋一辈子的心病。这次柳州遇袭,“不啻于西安事变之初”, 可见当时紧张且狼狈的情景。随行的张治中也在《回忆录》中记载了这次遇险的经过:   我在侍从室服务期间,…… 有一次遭遇了很大的危险。那是在柳州,我随蒋介石从桂林坐火车去开会,于早八时抵达,住羊角山;到十一时,忽来警报,但接着并无消息。我陪蒋吃午饭,吃完 了,也没有听到情报。蒋已休息了。我从楼上下来,也预备休息一下,刚把上衣脱掉,忽然想起:何不打一个电话问问防空司令部?刚拿电话筒到手,只听得一片 “哄、哄”的声音,敌机袭来了!赶忙穿上衣,叫副官速请蒋下楼。这时,敌机业已临头。附近并没有好的防空洞,只有一个一丈多高一丈多深的天然石洞,我随着 蒋进去躲避。敌机共五六十架,九架一批,分批来袭,集中投弹,前后左右,落弹数百颗,洞内泥土滚翻,我和蒋坐在里面,躺在地下的随从人员,一个个都被泥土 掩蔽了。我判断:这一定是因为我们的行止,被敌谍探听到了,等我们一下火车,敌谍就用无线电打出去。假使敌机不先在柳州城内兜一个圈子,那更危险。我听到 随从副官说:这一次,比起从前在武昌省政府防空洞所受的敌机的威胁更厉害。而我们在大轰炸之后,也不过站起来,拍拍身上的灰,还是参加这天下午四时的军事 会议,蒋亲自主持到底。   抗战时期,日军对柳州的轰炸经常是在城区上空盘旋,投下一枚枚炸弹后便扬长而去。但是,这次轰炸,还是让一些敏感的人觉得蹊跷:因为羊角山位于 柳州河以南 的群山之中,山下人烟稀少,敌机为什么要投入那么大的战斗力进行攻击呢?当时一家柳州报纸的采访部主任曾向第四战区参谋长吴石了解,对方只回答“无可奉 告”。此后各报和通讯社的消息也均无报道。直到后来,日军这次轰炸的原因才被披露出来。相关的主题文章: