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Jiangsu Changzhou police: 100 yuan Qiangduo pull fifty thousand yuan counterfeit money case – Beijing, Beijing, September 14 Nanjing Xinhua (reporter Cui Jiaming Xu?) in June this year, Changzhou Wujin Huangli town occurred involving 100 yuan worth of Qiangduo worth, although small, but after an investigation, police found that there also involved with counterfeit money case. Through more than a month of careful investigation, the police cracked this with the use of counterfeit money case. In September 14th, the Wujin police on the case of external communications, suspected of possessing counterfeit currency crime suspect Yemou and Yan was arrested in accordance with the law. 6 June 7th morning, a food shop of a strange man long face, medium stature holding one hundred yuan into the Wujin Huangli Town, claiming to want to buy a bottle of 8 yuan worth of "old godmother". Ms. Ding liangyoudian confirmed this business is real, out of the hot sauce, looking for the other 92 yuan. But the man suddenly changed their mind that does not want to buy, the ding in the hands of real money hundred smoked in the past, turned to go. Just go to the door, the man suddenly returns: "think twice, still want to buy a bottle of hot sauce". Subsequently, the man handed over $100 bill, took the sauce, grabbed Ms. Ding holding 92 yuan coins, away. The strange man move, let Ding suddenly realized that the hundred dollar bill to the man may be false, a look sure to light. Ding immediately chased out, but the man was riding a motorcycle and sped away. After receiving the alarm, Wujin Huang Li attaches great importance to the police station, by combing found that since May this year, in Jiangsu city of Changzhou province highway 232 along the Huangshui Town, Pu Yi, Xia Xi Zhen, Jiaze town and other four towns, has many similar cases. The suspect is by buying cheap goods, with a few hundred counterfeit banknote exchange for shopping, means similar, but this means some bad together. Through the string and case investigation, the police found the general law of this series of cases: the time is 5 a.m. to 8 points; object of crime are generally single sales shops or stalls; crime suspects 2, a person using counterfeit money shopping, another person riding a motorcycle on the outside, if successful with a counterfeit, riding a motorcycle to escape. According to the two suspects committing the crime to leave the track, Wujin Huang Li police launched a multi police cooperation, in a month’s time, gradually narrowing the scope of investigation, on August 19th at noon, will stay in the neighboring town of the suspect Yemou, Yan captured, and in Yemou under the bed and found a total value of fifty thousand multiple counterfeit. The investigation, more than 500 hundred dollars of counterfeit money is Yemou in Shanghai by "psoriasis" advertising links, 7200 yuan in the purchase price. Yemou himself has repeatedly using counterfeit money. As soon as the use of counterfeit money, out of their own money to buy counterfeit Yemou conceal the fact, pretended to do business with friction, guests pay fees with counterfeit money, for fear of their own inconvenience, with a counterfeit will be caught, hope Yan spent to help themselves. That change to real currency, you can get 30%, Yan immediately agreed to "plum ye". Every crime, Yemou only to Yan a two or three)相关的主题文章: