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Ji’nan developers said the school district housing speculation and schools signed a secret agreement in the Xinhua News Agency Ji’nan September 29th news (reporter Yuan Junbao) "we signed the agreement and the mountain elementary school, pay the sponsorship fee, certainly can learn, but now the agreement still cannot see, wait to see the opening." "The sales staff No. 8 North Mountain Division said," real estate will be launched in the near future, the price is about 29 thousand yuan per square meter. Located near the primary school affiliated to Shandong Normal University in Ji’nan City Real Estate Division No. 8 North ", previously in Ji’nan city is the price of the most expensive land"". Currently, the real estate price is about 3 times the average price of Ji’nan, Ji’nan, the basic price of the highest school district room". State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the "real estate advertising regulations" clearly pointed out that the real estate advertising may not contain advertisers who can apply for residence, employment, education and other commitments. However, the highest price in Ji’nan, the school district room, there are many can not be open secret". "No. 8 North Mountain Division" of the sales staff said, the primary school affiliated to Shandong Normal University protocol can guarantee developers and buyers on the mountain elementary school children to primary school, the latter can see this agreement, "but can not take pictures". The sales staff said "agreement" and the authenticity of the developer is to the school to pay the sponsorship fee, the mountain elementary school did not give a clear reply. Reporters learned that most of the flats are forty or fifty square meters of small Huxing, mostly to the house buyers are rushed to the school district room. For developers and the school’s "secret agreement", some property buyers said, "do not trust". "Spend two million yuan to buy a small house, mainly for children to go to school, if not, it is a big loss." Ji’nan people Li Dong said. To dispel the doubts of buyers, the sales staff to provide a new Ming Investment Company Limited Ji’nan inscribed "education supporting the description of the problem", which wrote: "January 25, 2016 Ji’nan new Ming Investment Company Limited on the purchase of owners of the immediate children attending the Shandong Normal University affiliated school, signed a cooperation agreement with the mountain elementary school, and full payment of education expansion fee will be based on the agreement of all the mountain elementary school children to accept the owners." Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: