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Joe Chen, "we have come to the" recording fixing not touched unforgettable friendship entertainment Sohu Joe Chen "we have come to the" we "to the" Joe Chen "we have come to the" stills Sohu entertainment news the day before, "we have come to the end of 12 recording". Joe Chen released the expression of long micro-blog to the brothers and sisters of the abandoned and moved. She said: "I think good, not reluctant to part parting, not hold the tears, but we had so clearly, to the heart of each other. Thank you for the two months left in the city of six, which is very precious to me. The ten bottles of the sea to the sea, for the future of their own, for the moment we. Say goodbye, I’ll see you again!" In mutual appreciation, tolerance of each other’s attitude, by the awkward strange to today’s intimate friendship. In the "Invincible Eastern" equal to anything Joe Chen is just an ordinary girl next door, there will be a variety of small troubles. In the show, we see her real lovely, brave and strong. Joe Chen said, usually they do not have time to make friends, there is no time to maintain friendship, but we came to give her a chance to know a friend, in the work can also make a real friend. From the convenience of the girl to the queen of the ratings, Joe Chen has been a breakthrough in their own, creating a variety of possible. She is addicted to her work and keeps on studying. Since "we have come to the" broadcast, and let people see the truth, she not contrived a bold but cautious. In the high intensity of work, she once again boldly chose the uninterrupted interpretation, the lines of the precise requirements of the highly difficult challenge – the stage drama, the woman on the bread tree. Joe Chen said, the stage performance is completely different, it requires the use of the whole body of actors to act in order to stimulate a different energy. This is a completely different from the performance of film and television works." It is because of her passion, dedication and professional interpretation that she also won the fourth Danny Award for best actress. The name comes from the bread tree in the process of rhyme words: "I want the bread of love, can not only fill the stomach, but also can see good scenery." This and Joe Chen agree without prior without previous consultation opinion, she said must find a hobby with her the same man, and they are independent of the individual, she belongs to her good scenery, everything can be brave to face the unknown. Joe Chen after recording also devoted intense rehearsal stage, from September 8th to eleven, the stage play "bread tree woman" will be landing in Shanghai Meggie theatre.相关的主题文章: