Ju Yu Chenglong Chinese Festival finalists will compete for the Wenhua award yo te amo

Ju "Yu Chenglong" Chinese Festival finalists will compete for the "Wenhua Award" Shanxi evening news (reporter Sun Yiqiong) by the Jinju famous performing artist Xie Tao, starring Taiyuan Jinju art research institute created the new Jin opera "Yu Chenglong" published by people outside the industry. The day before, from the company news, the play has been invited to participate in the upcoming from October 15th to 31st held in Shaanxi Province, "the Eleventh Chinese Art Festival", which is the only one in our province the Art Festival "Fifteenth Wenhua Award" competition repertoire, the play will be staged two in Xi’an Qinghua Cultural Palace in October 20th, 21. The new Jin opera "Yu Chenglong" has participated in the "Shanxi Province outstanding new repertoire Jin Jing performances, 2016" Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival in Shanxi Province outstanding drama Huimin performances, to commemorate the founding of 95th anniversary outstanding repertory performances and outstanding new drama tour and other activities, and in 2015 9 month selected the National Endowment for the arts stage art projects, in 2016 the Ministry of culture and national stage art creation project "2016 annual ten key support repertoire", Shanxi province was the eleventh spiritual civilization construction of five project "award and many other honors. On behalf of our province to participate in the Chinese Art Festival, not only publicity, show the level of artistic creation in Shanxi, but also carry forward the history of Shanxi celebrity, clean government culture. Xu Chunlan, director of the drama, said emotionally at the mobilization meeting: "Yu Chenglong" has been full year old since birth last year. The child has grown up and matured, and has the strength to participate in the social competition. The Chinese Art Festival is the highest in the Chinese literature and art events, and we have the honor to participate in the event, is an honor, but also a chance to show themselves." It is understood that in preparing period, the crew will integrate the national experts and scholars put forward the suggestions from the script, music, choreography, lighting and other actors, re processing and modification. China Art Festival is the National Art Festival with the highest specifications, the largest and the most international influence, which is approved by the State Council and sponsored by the Ministry of culture. It is held every three years.

晋剧《于成龙》入围中国艺术节 将角逐“文华大奖”   山西晚报讯(记者 孙轶琼)由我省著名晋剧表演艺术家谢涛领衔主演、太原市晋剧艺术研究院创排的新编晋剧《于成龙》一经问世,便深受业内外人士好评。日前,从该剧团传来消息,该剧已经受邀,参加即将于10月15日至31日在陕西省举办的“第十一届中国艺术节”,这也是我省唯一一部入围本届艺术节“第十五届文华大奖”的参赛剧目,该剧将于10月20日、21日在西安庆华文化宫上演两场。   新编晋剧《于成龙》先后参加了“山西省优秀新创剧目晋京展演”、2016“春节、元宵节”山西省优秀舞台剧惠民演出、纪念建党95周年优秀剧目展演和优秀新创舞台剧巡演等活动,并于2015年9月入选国家艺术基金舞台艺术创作资助项目,2016年入选文化部国家舞台艺术精品创作工程“2016年度十大重点扶持剧目”,获山西省第十一届精神文明建设“五个一工程”优秀作品奖等诸多荣誉。此次代表我省参加中国艺术节,不仅宣传、展示了山西艺术创作水平,更弘扬了山西历史名人、廉政文化。该剧导演徐春兰在此次动员大会上动情地说:“《于成龙》从去年出世至今已满一周岁了,这个孩子长大了成熟了,有实力参加社会竞争了。中国艺术节是中国文艺赛事中含金量最高的,我们有幸能够入围参加,是一种荣耀,也是一次展现自我的机会。”据了解,在“备战”期间,剧组将整合全国专家、学者提出的建议,从剧本、音乐、演员、舞美、灯光等方面再次加工修改。   中国艺术节是经国务院批准,文化部主办的我国规格最高、规模最大、最具国际影响力的国家艺术节,每三年举办一届。相关的主题文章: