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The door opened a 8 year old sell KaoGongShu free reason suddenly tears ran recently, a more than 80 year old man became famous in the school near New River! Why pinch, because the elderly baked sweet potato was not money, is free for students to eat! Yet, the elderly did not collect the money? To listen to what he said, "don’t sell KaoGongShu, to students in these days of return, this batch of students are free to eat roasted sweet potatoes." Is the old man down here for three years now free to send the sweet potato already more than 80 years old, Dongyuan in the new campus of Henan University for three years of students roasted sweet potato, sweet potato often buy concessions, in the winter will call on the students in his cold heating stove. For the warm-hearted man, the students are very familiar with, passing stalls always buy baked sweet potato one or two hot roasted sweet potato. These days, the old man was sent to sell sweet roasted sweet potato. The old man said, this is he selling sweet potato in Dongyuan third years later, not to sell, this batch of roasted sweet potatoes free gift to the students. "My three years to sell KaoGongShu, classmates respect me, I want to return the students." The old words, tells the reason of their free sweet potato. Looking for enthusiastic girl wanted to personally thank her also recalled, solstitial last year when there was a man named Wang Yixin (sound) the girl gave him a bowl of hot Boiled dumplings in the cold, I was moved to tears out! And Christmas when there is a boy and a girl who gave me two apples, but also wished me a merry christmas…… This is a few days old free baked sweet potato, but many students are to give money or feel uncomfortable, the grandfather said he received a decent money. I don’t know Wang Yixin (sound) which is the professional school year, but the old man still hoping to find Wang Yixin (sound), because he wanted to see one side, to thank the girl.

开封一高校门口8旬老人卖烤红薯突然免费 原因泪奔最近,新河大旁边有位80多岁老人在学校里出名了!为啥捏,因为老人烤的红薯竟然不要钱,全是免费送给同学们吃的!呐,老人家为啥不收钱呢?来听听他怎么说——“以后不卖烤红薯了,就想在这几天回报下同学,这批烤红薯免费给同学们吃。”就是这位老人↓↓卖了三年红薯 现在开始免费送这位老人已经80多岁,在河南大学新校区东苑卖了三年烤红薯了,对买红薯的学生们时常优惠,在冬天也会叫上受冻的学生在他的火炉边取暖。对于这位热心肠的老人,学生也都十分熟悉,路过烤红薯摊总会买上一两个热腾腾的烤红薯。这几天,卖红薯的老人却送起了烤红薯。老人说,这是他在东苑第三年卖红薯,以后不卖了,这一批烤红薯免费送给同学们。“我这三年来卖烤红薯,同学们都很尊重我,我想要回报同学们。”老人简简单单的一句话就道出了自己免费送红薯的缘由。寻找热心女孩 想当面谢谢她老人还回忆说,去年冬至的时候有一个叫王怡欣(音)的女孩在冷风中给他端来一碗热腾腾的水饺,我当时感动的眼泪都要出来了!还有圣诞节的时候有一个男孩和一个女孩一人送了我两个苹果,还祝我圣诞快乐……这几天老人免费送烤红薯,但是很多同学都坚持给钱不然心里难受,老爷爷说他收了钱也挺难受的。虽然不知道王怡欣(音)是哪个专业哪个年级的,但是老人还是希望能找到王怡欣(音),因为他还想再见一面,当面感谢这位女孩。相关的主题文章: