Large Cross Village farmers every family gate, so rich artistic characteristics of Tourism – Sohu

Large Cross Village farmers every family gate, so rich artistic features of the car through the Gaolan County Tourism – Sohu, a road to the north, the vision gradually become open. Life in the city of people yearning for the field and attachment. When I saw a piece of oil sunflower, sesame, wheat, peas, potatoes, feel very cordial, very excited, the joy of harvest in the heart is unable to restrain the emotions ripple up, feeling really good. Along the way, he repeatedly pondering, Da Heng Cun how poverty in a remote village, village, village, economic backwardness and mixed ethnic cultural village. This is also the four characteristics of Sichuan Blackstone township party secretary introduced Cross Village, to my first impression. Although it has passed the road, but from the township government to the village of more than and 20 kilometers across the road, or spend a lot of time. When the car bumps, or after the feeling of natural needless to say. The village cross the "far" I considered a "experience". Lanzhou Gaolan area large cross village is its hometown, farmers houses gatehouse attention in the gate and the gate of the sculpture and painting. I wandered around in the village cross, very interested in the gate decoration, shooting dozens of families, see each gate, make people more people desire to live in at the door, found that every household in the gatehouse styles are not the same, each one has its own merits, so creative, because of the time, no longer dig a bit of regret. The characteristics of Gansu folk houses, many of the early religious temples are built around the mountain of wood structure. Over the corridor, painting Pavilion, bridge hill, the characteristics of the southern residential areas are also reflected. Lanzhou modern residence is a gorgeous flower in the garden of our country, which is a part of Chinese architectural heritage. They are similar to other residential areas, but also has its unique development and creation, with the characteristics and style of Lanzhou. The formation of these styles is closely related to the geographical location, weather conditions, historical evolution, national religion, customs and so on in Lanzhou.相关的主题文章: