Light rhyme premium more than 3 times the acquisition of Jindong Tang shareholders enjoy zero cost h

Guangyunda premium of more than 3 times the acquisition of Jindong Tang shareholders enjoy "zero cost" high-yield hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide your entries you make you take will always let you falls the reporter looked Shenzhen reports a new board was acquired by listed company. According to the light Yun Da (300227.SZ) a major asset restructuring draft, which will be 221 million yuan to buy the price of Jin Dongtang (831089.OC) of a $100% stake, while raising matching funds of $132 million 300 thousand. "Jindong Tang will be within 15 days after the shareholders’ meeting convened by the new three board delisting bill, but officially delisted to wait for the Commission approved the transaction, without the approval of the Commission, it is not necessary to the delisting." On the afternoon of September 14th, the people of light rhyme told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter. Announcements, has been listed in the new board for two years, the gold medal, overwhelmed by the valuation of the acquisition of the light rhyme, is in April 2015 and in May, and 2.57 times the valuation of the transfer of shares through the transfer of shares of the system agreement. The first two years before the use of the light rhyme fund-raising acquisition of the project, has not achieved the expected benefits. Jindong Tang shares a year "zero cost" announcement shows that the light rhyme department take the issue of shares and payment of cash to buy gold with us 100% stake, which paid 88 million 400 thousand yuan in cash, the remaining 132 million 600 thousand yuan to issue 6 million 231 thousand and 200 shares to pay, the acquisition of assets and raise matching funds issue prices are 21.28 yuan shares. It is worth noting that the acquisition, the valuation of the value of the gold to 220 million 542 thousand and 300 yuan, the appreciation of the value of $166 million 842 thousand and 900, the appreciation rate of 310.7%, but the transaction price is determined to be higher than the assessed value of $457 thousand and 700. "The acquisition price to assess the value of relatively close, mainly considering the growth of the US gold future, but also take an integer." The aforementioned rhyme rhyme to the person concerned to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter said. However, compared with the previous valuation of Jindong Tang, but there is a big gap. According to the announcement, Jin Dongtang said in April 2015 the implementation of non-public offering of shares 1 million 600 thousand shares, issue price of 10 yuan per share; in May of the same year, Jindong Tang big shareholder Chen Jie through stock transfer system by way of the transfer agreement, will be held 220 thousand of its shares were transferred to new shareholders Wu Mengqiu, Wan Gang, Zhuang Nan, the transfer price also is 10 yuan stock. In accordance with the non-public offering and the transfer of shares of the agreement price calculation, when the total share capital of 8 million 600 thousand shares of gold, the overall valuation should be $86 million. In April 2016, Jindong down to the capital fund to implement 10 shares for every 10 shares, the total share capital increased to 17 million 200 thousand shares. Announcements, light rhyme of the acquisition of the US gold valuation date is May 31, 2016, and the US gold non-public issuance and transfer of shares agreement time only one year apart, but the gold valuation was on us相关的主题文章: