Look at these wonderful experimental games can make your brain waves in heaven exit safe mode

Look at these wonderful experimental games can make your brain waves God first guess the brothers are doing. Behavior art? Paid migrant workers? This wonderful shape is not to let a lot of CS old players think of a gangster…… Hello, this is the demon? I want to call the police!   calm down, this is just a small "ordinary" to meet the audience in the souls of the blade CPL occupation League. Of course, this guy just appeared when the child still caused a panic scene, not only around the audience have scared urine, even the interpretation of the word he almost forgot to see. Everyone was afraid that he would suddenly shout "Ann Rahul Akbar"……   but after a small series of understanding, the students really just to see the game, this looks halal equipment are for a study, and after the match between the relevant topic also confirmed his statement.   or open door > address crowd of black technology; > > > the big brother wants to study, is about the games for affect the audience’s brain waves, and with his head is the natural recording instruments, this one looks really good high-end. When Xiao Bian carefully read the contents of the interpretation of the students, reached a surprising conclusion – completely do not understand!   (if you are offline   IQ); out of curiosity, small series or contact the house, he found that in addition to test the souls of the blade, the follow-up of other MOBA games brain wave chart is tested. The test result:   test the souls of the blade LOL, DOTA2, the three most popular nowadays MOBA online games as a sample. The results showed that when the audience watching the game games, brain waves will occur different waveform changes. What the hell is this?   Mo panic, let the souls, as LOL, DOTA2 three Repair Senior MOBA Xiaobian game for you guys, what are the characteristics of this magical relationship inside the brain waves wonderful changes and three games.   the souls of the edge of the full energy, obviously the pace of the game is the most compact, the souls of the blade and not too much emphasis on branching and heroic positioning, each hero has a certain ability of CARRY GANK, it is difficult to a certain point, so the mutual support between heroes walk very frequent transposition the result is, repeated outbreaks of warfare, especially in the high level of competition, the two sides are almost from start to finish, it is easy to let the audience in the excited state of mind. In addition, the game also added a key item of diamond, the resurrection stone, transfer stone to subvert the traditional MOBA, if the game player can also make use of war through the suppression of opponents, but also to enhance the enthusiasm of all previous GANK.   DOTA2 in the early stage of the line, both sides are more Qiuwen up a knife, scattered with some small scale GANK, the audience’s brain waves only in the last push up the battle or to rapidly improve meat mountain group.   the same way, LOL.相关的主题文章: