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Magic piston 3 person trading potential striker change 55 + Mr. Ivar – Sohu Sports: Magic: Brandon – Jennings Eisen – ilyasova: Byass piston – Harris Beijing on February 17th news, from the "USA Today" reporter Sam – Amick reported that informed sources, the magic and the pistons completed a transaction, the specific content is: the magic out of Tobias – Harris, Brandon – Jennings and essen – ilyasova; the transaction does not contain any draft picks. After being traded, Harris wrote on the social media, "God closes a door and opens another door for you.". It’s part of life and part of the business. I want to thank and support my fans in my own name, as well as the magic boss and the management." The 23 year old Harris field averaged 13.7 points and 7 rebounds in the 49 games this season for the Orlando magic. He signed a $64 million contract for 4 years last summer, and the pistons traded for a young and range striker to help Drummond. "55 points" Mr. Jennings this season is Reggie Jackson on the bench, so he was saying good-bye to the expected. "I’m happy to be reunited with coach Scott J Gills," Jennings said. This season, Jennings scored 23 goals for the pistons, averaging 6.8 points and 3.1 assists. Yiliyasuowaben while averaging 11.3 points and 5.4 rebounds. Jennings is in the last 1 years of the current contract, and the annual salary is 8 million 300 thousand dollars this year. He will test the free agent market this summer. Ilyasova does not have security season for $8 million 400 thousand a year if the magic this summer without leaving the Turks, the deal will be the team next season for at least $17 million in salary. ESPN ace reporter Mark – at the follow-up report, get ilyasova, magic will try out at the trade deadline before Channing frye. The two teams are now trying to qualify for the playoffs. The pistons record is 27 wins and 27 losses, ranked ninth in the East, the magic team 23 wins and 29 losses ranked NO.10 in the east. (Jim)

魔术活塞完成3人交易 潜力锋线换55分先生+伊瓦-搜狐体育   资料:魔术得:布兰登-詹宁斯 艾森-伊利亚索瓦 活塞得:拜厄斯-哈里斯   北京时间2月17日消息,来自《今日美国》记者萨姆-阿米克的报道称,消息灵通人士透露,魔术队与活塞队完成一笔交易,具体内容是–魔术队送出托拜厄斯-哈里斯,得到布兰登-詹宁斯和艾森-伊利亚索瓦;此次交易不包含任何选秀权。   得知被交易后,哈里斯在社交媒体上写道,“上帝关上一扇门,又为你打开另一扇门。这是生活的一部分,也是生意的一部分。我要以个人名义感谢和支持我的球迷们,还有魔术队老板以及管理层。”   本赛季在为魔术队出战的49场比赛中,现年23岁的哈里斯场均交出13.7分7.0篮板的数据。他在去年夏天签下了一份为期4年总价值6400万美元的合同,活塞队之所以交易,是希望得到一名年轻且有射程的锋线辅佐“庄神”德拉蒙德。   “55分先生”詹宁斯这一季是雷吉-杰克逊的替补,所以他被送走在意料之内。“我很高兴能与斯科特-斯基尔斯教练重聚,”詹宁斯表示。   本赛季詹宁斯为活塞队打了23场球,场均有6.8分3.1助攻入账。而伊利亚索瓦本赛季场均拿下11.3分5.4篮板。   詹宁斯正处于现有合同最后1年,本赛季年薪是830万美元,他将在今夏试水自由球员市场。伊利亚索瓦下赛季840万美元的年薪不具有保障,如果魔术队今夏不留下土耳其人的话,这笔交易将为球队下赛季腾出至少1700万美元的薪金空间。   ESPN王牌记者马克-斯坦恩跟进报道,得到伊利亚索瓦后,魔术队将在交易截止日前尝试送走钱宁-弗莱。   两队目前都在为晋级季后赛努力。活塞队的战绩是27胜27负排在东部第9位,魔术队23胜29负位列东部NO.10。(jim)相关的主题文章: