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Mainland tourists dropped   Taiwan industry: Southern snacks – Taiwan channel sales fell on 30 September, according to the "Taiwan times" reported Chinese, "the delicacy of Tainan, if not early adopters of the guests, the delicacy decide on what path to follow? The famous Tainan Zhou shrimp general manager Lin Yangqiang pointed out that the 520 ruling parties, Lu Ke cliff reduction, in addition to the impact of local "food culture", South Central agricultural and fishery products sales fell. Lin Yangqiang said that after 520, a substantial reduction in land travelers, Tainan tourism in the past has been difficult to see the king, the direct impact of Tainan’s most proud of the snack culture". The shrimp rolls as an example, to early adopters of the mainland tourists decreased by 40%, affected purchases of local fisheries products in the restaurant. Last year, but also to invest in fruit juice processing plant, Lin also exposed to this piece of fruit industry. He pointed out that Taiwan is often a large number of agricultural products shipped in a short period of time, will be in short supply, this time, the fruit juice processing plant can be squeezed into 100% sold to the mainland. At present, sold to the mainland to juice, orange juice, lemon juice, fresh fruit is higher than tariffs. But Lin Yangqiang pointed out that the fruit juice industry due to the low cost of fruit, and frozen for up to 2 years, whether it is to sell fresh fruit juice or as raw materials for food, sold to the mainland is a very good business model. (commissioning editor Liu Jieyan and Chang Hong)相关的主题文章: