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Health While manifesting your wealth-building power, you must remember who you are. You are a magnificent human being who is moving totally into greater resonance with that which is radiantly beautiful, creative, expansive and powerful. It is your natural state to manifest peace, joy, abundance and power. The Universe always acknowledges your power, even when you do not see yourself as powerful. Because the Universe responds to your every thought, word, action and belief, you must assume that your every thought, word, action and belief begins to take manifestation. When you have no awareness of your thoughts, you are unconsciously creating your reality. So in effect, you are giving your power to whatever thoughts you may have at any given point in time. You cannot be thinking of your lack of abundance and trying to manifest massive abundance at the same time. All thoughts are given equal power, so what do you end up with – struggle, self-sabotage and frustration. See below for suggestions to manifest your wealth-building power. Look around you and check to see what your wealth-building power has manifested in your life experience today. Do you have the financial security you want, the relationships you desire, a terrific home life, and a satisfying and rewarding work life? If you do not like what you see in any area of your life, what can you change to bring a different result? How are your thoughts contributing to this part of your life that you dont really want? What feelings are triggered from the pleasant or unpleasant reactions you may have to a situation you do not want? Are your deeper and more intense emotions .ing into play and at the same time affecting your physical body and your mind? What you say and what you do may cause mis-alignments with your wealth-building power. Decide what you want to change. If you have an abundance of what you dont want, you are not manifesting your wealth-building power. When you see that your wealth is limited, you must make some changes. At any moment, you can choose to change and begin to step into your power. Changes can be made in your thinking, your speaking, your feelings and emotions and your actions and beliefs. The Universe gives you the power to make your reality. This is a power that is already working for you whether or not you are aware of it. You have each made the reality within which you live every day of your life. .mit to manifesting your wealth-building power by setting an inspiring intention that will propel you to take inspiring action. Let go of your limited mind-power so that you can have full access to the unlimited wealth-building power of your soul. .mitment starts with what you are doing today. If you are not taking action today, then you are not really .mitted and not in alignment with your wealth-building power. Be aware of how you spend your money. Do you offer money power with condescension or as a tax write off? Or do you give because you totally believe you are helping in some way? In what ways are you self-giving? Do you take time to show your care, concern and love for others? What you give, you get back. When you demonstrate that you can handle money responsibly, the Universe gives you more. If scarcity has slipped into your consciousness, beware of its limitations. Why do you want and need money? Besides the toys, can money buy peace and love? Poverty lives in the mind. Wealth lives in the heart. Keep your wealth-building power in your consciousness and feel that it is already manifesting. Abundance and plenitude live in the soul; this is where you get your real power. Your soul is the real in you. What we truly want are all the things that money cannot buy: love, joy, peace, abundance and wealth, in all their highest manifestations. Staying in alignment with your soul as you are manifesting your wealth-building power will surely give you all of the things that you desire. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: