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[map] 90 thousand yuan car Chevrolet Kewozi line guide – Sohu automobile Sohu [new car] SAIC Chevrolet Kewozi (hereinafter referred to as "Kewozi") has been officially listed on the September 2nd Chengdu auto show, 7.99-10.99 million price interval fills Bie Kekai is discontinued after the left to the market space. At the same time Car Buying before October 31st, Chevrolet also give free purchase tax subsidies (half purchase tax policy on the basis of manufacturers additional subsidies the other half) and giving the first year of commercial insurance and other preferential policies, can be said to be high hopes of being a model. Which of the 5 models in the middle which is the most recommended? Please look down. . all standard: in line with the expected but not rich as a location entry to solve the "compact car food", expected Kewozi configuration level is consistent with our: to meet the daily use, but also didn’t give me much surprise, even the main driving position of electric window also has only a decline in function. ————————————————————————— configuration analysis and ————————————————————————— Xinxiang purchase the recommended 1.5L manual version of 1.5L manual edition guidance price: 7.99 persons 90 thousand and 900 yuan recommended models: 1.5L manual version of Xinxiang we first look at the whole system of two manual transmission models, they are characterized by the lack of ESP electronic stability program. Special attention to the configuration of the consumer can ignore these two models. In addition, due to the positioning of the entry, the gap between these two models configuration is also in the face of forcing people to make practical or face choice. A gap of 11 thousand yuan (about 12% of the price based on considerations), we recommend the cheaper entry version. 1.5L automatic Xinshang edition 1.5L manual edition guide price: 8.89 persons 90 thousand and 900 yuan of recommended models: 1.5L automatic Xinshang Version (pragmatic choice) 1.5L manual version (happy quality choice) after we said, Kewozi appears more is to seize the market space vacated by the Buick excelle. At this level, about 90 thousand is the focus of attention of many consumers. Kewozi offers two models in this price manual and automatic Xinxiang edition version information. One is a combination of manual and manual block, one is the choice of low and automatic block. The gap between the two is only 2 thousand yuan, and the automatic version is cheaper, more suitable for those consumers practical configuration; slightly higher but no automatic manual version is recommended for those persons driving technology better, more concerned about the configuration of the consumer. Three automatic models: Xinxiang version information guide price Xinshang Edition Edition: 8.89 9.99 109 thousand and 900 yuan)相关的主题文章: