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Media: People’s daily issued a warning to the United States to convey what kind of signal? Sohu – News [press] Knight Island 2 days ago, the U.S. Navy destroyer Chinese intruded into the territorial waters of Xisha, triggered a domestic public condemnation. Knight island yesterday issued an article (read) through 100 thousand hours of reading, the article has reached 9 million 500 thousand in the amount of reading headlines today, 10 million fast break. Tens of thousands of messages from the point of view, the anger of the island is quite consistent. This can also reflect the Chinese people on the side of the United States this kind of thing to pick up the offensive behavior. Uncle of the South China Sea Island, the crux of the problem in the United States, the full restoration of relations China and Philippines, had a good start for the peace in the South China Sea, but the United States can not see, can not stop play a little bit sick China. The ship broke into our territorial waters of Xisha, is expected, can also further remind China must always be the South China Sea South China Sea guard, strengthen arms, do not let down. Today published the "people’s Daily" published a stern speech, criticized the United States, warned the United States to abandon any illusion, don’t expect Chinese concessions on the issue of sovereignty, this position is also in propaganda. Recommend to you, you can see some signals. Especially in the last paragraph of the tough stance, you can learn about: "the United States military action by maintaining the hegemony of move, only more clearly shows the necessity to strengthen the defense of China, unity and struggle, will further stimulate the Chinese enhanced ability to defend their own interests and will never mind. Chinese forces will need to increase air patrols, strengthen the defense capacity building, firmly safeguard national sovereignty and security." "I wonder who you are". Then the situation in the South China Sea, how do you read the taste of it? China will not let the United States warships in the South China Sea. The U.S. Navy wanton October 21st, Decatur destroyer entered the territorial waters of Xisha Chinese. The Chinese government has expressed its firm opposition to the US venture and has taken a series of effective countermeasures. As early as May 1996, the Chinese government announced the "Declaration on the baselines of the territorial sea," clearly announced the baseline of the territorial waters of Paracel Islands. According to the provisions of the "People’s Republic of China territorial sea and the contiguous zone law" and relevant international law, foreign warships into the territorial waters must be approved by the government China Chinese. The United States warships without the approval of the Chinese side without authorization into the Chinese territorial waters, a serious violation of Chinese sovereignty and security interests, a serious violation of Chinese related laws and international law, undermine the waters of peace, security and good order. The United States to "freedom of navigation" in the name of infringement provocation coastal state sovereignty and security and maritime rights and interests, once again exposed the negative energy of the United States to return to Asia strategy, highlighting the United States in the South China Sea issue "troublemakers" role. The United States called the cruise, when President Duthel Te’s visit to China, Philippines, China and the United States to restore a comprehensive relationship between the two countries signed a series of cooperation agreements. In China, with the relevant countries to improve relations and solve the problem of the South China Sea is encouraging new momentum, the United States sent warships to China’s territorial waters pick things, just相关的主题文章: