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The middle pregnancy can determine men and women baby, maybe just a legend – Sohu baby photo from the network these days by thousands of people excited about the "Shopping Festival" brush screen, looking at a treasure out of the data, we know there are too many people couldn’t live "chop hands". At that time, I thought, maybe some people can not wait to share with me their purchasing experience; the next few days, the focus is to look forward to the work and single. Anyway, money is their own, can buy a happy. Money money, go to the daughter. Popular point of view, is to spend money will have the power to make money; of course, can spend money on women, but also to love her men have more money to make money is not? Indeed after dinner, soon pregnant in August and my cousin video, first pass??, their experience and share shopping spree, give me a bunch of shots, let me quickly admit that she purchased items is really practical and classic. Pregnant women, while watching a small clothes who plan to give the unborn baby to buy already from birth to next spring, I still follow her meaning "she is really a good housewife will have day feeling"! Looking at the picture, suddenly found that she bought clothes are blue, green, not by asking her whether she knows that the baby is a boy? My cousin smiled at me and told me that she had a lot of experience with her predecessors. I am very curious, ask her to judge what is in the belly of the baby? A little cousin sells the matter, ask me: "you treasure and two treasure, the stomach is not the middle of a black line, from the chest to the abdomen bottom?" I think I’d like to nod. My cousin proudly smiled and said, is this black line to tell me ah, is this black line in the stomach, but also very straight from top to bottom, students are male baby! Pictures from the network oh! I also heard about the midline (according to pregnancy this black line is cousin said) to judge the rumors: 1, male and female baby this black line more black, the higher the probability of a boy. 2, the midline of the pregnancy in the navel on the part of the left and direct between two milk, usually a boy, or a girl. 3, the middle line of pregnancy is not broken, usually boys, or girls. However, these claims are not based on science. Pictures from the network [form] line pregnancy after pregnancy, pregnant mother will find their mid abdomen gradually appear a black line. This is the pregnancy line. Each person’s body structure are on both sides of the symmetrical development, then link the formation of lines is called the line in the middle, that is to say, whether it is pregnant or not, everyone can see a faint white, the only difference is the depth of color. When there is no pigmentation, tend to see only a faint white lines, once encountered hormonal changes, the pigment cells are stimulated, pigmentation phenomenon will occur, then, will appear darker brown lines, also known as the pregnancy midline, two period is most often is!相关的主题文章: