Millet 5S black science and technology to guess what you have this – Sohu Technology remonstrate

Millet 5S black technology again and guess what have the Sohu yesterday began drying technology Lei Jun millet 5S three photo proofs, and get a professional photographer appreciated, initially demonstrated the power of the new dual camera machine. Now, Lei Jun has released the three samples, and said millet 5S camera is very good, really can not help but want to share with you. Lei Jun also said, welcome to enlarge sample look carefully, especially the color, detail and sharpness! The three photos, the first mast and first released yesterday are the same as in southern Greenland to shoot, second pieces of colorful pool was shot in Yellowstone National Park third, the morning sun is the Hongkong Vitoria dock shot. EXIF information is still hidden, and the resolution of the first and three and before is the same as 3264× 24 billion 488 million pixels, and the other is 4000× 3000, that is, 12 million pixels. Will this be the effective pixel value of the 5S two camera? After millet technology has announced a new opportunity to have two cameras, and a powerful performance (equipped Xiaolong 821), then the official should reveal more "Black & millet 5s". We can tell from the official drying out of the sun, millet 5S back to the design followed millet 5, is still the curved back cover design, the new machine in the appearance of more details of the lack of previous optimization. Black technology, in the end is a verb or a noun? Recent articles featured: business cooperation kejimeixue@163 welcome to leave a message, say your point of view, the wonderful wall相关的主题文章: