Million mu of bamboo at the foot of a small plot of land to enjoy the patina – Sohu of Tourism

Million mu of bamboo at the foot of a small plot of land to enjoy the winter tourism in patina – Sohu, resort to hot springs for the first choice, the network of red hot spring Jiangsu fun, still quite a good impression of the Royal Spa, the bamboo forest spa, located in the Nanshan bamboo scenic spots, is to build the Tianmu Lake classic. In such a natural oxygen bar, as if to green fairyland, worries go into nature, breathe, and experience the wonderful feeling of recover the original simplicity. In this mu Zhuhai at the foot of a small plot of land in addition to the quiet streets, and also a suitable living style inn, located after Nanshan bamboo archway is the Nanshan bamboo Inn, evening streets, some shops have continued the closing time, the light is still lined with the warm light of the inn very warm. The brick, white walls, black tiles and streams. The night wind like the mountain residents, but also with the elegant Jiangnan courtyard. The pace of life in the metropolis is too fast to slow down here, like Taoyuan. TIPS: from the Liyang high speed rail station can take the car to the Tourist Bus Line Zhuhai to Nanshan inn. So quiet, with wooden decoration, elegant light, dark color ink screen, antique design style. All good collocation and full screen window shade bamboo, be just perfect. At this moment, as if the time is still, our holiday has begun. In the process of management is very simple, in the front desk will have several attractions around the room discount packages are available, no online booking guests can choose, the best advice is collocation Royal water spa + Nanshan bamboo tickets to enrich this trip. Nanshan bamboo inn is divided into several areas, such as the name of the West Wing do not have a style, a big house around. Because there is no elevator, the staff for me put on the luggage room on the two floor of the room location, divides into the bamboo landscape room, foreign streets landscape rooms, and deluxe suites, my room is on the streets, quiet room with some special feeling not breath. Outside the room the room number in the capital have a unique style, text, imitation of the old and through the sense of the room layout is very comfortable, natural materials, such as bamboo, silk, mulberry, two beds, square table, sofa to rest, seems very simple, but in many details of the design sketched the room the fresh and elegant out of the ordinary. From the wooden hollow window, can see the quiet evening People are hurrying to and fro. streets, very busy during the day. The mountains although there are mosquitoes, but careful Inn for each room for mosquito tablets, reduces the occupancy problem. The bed is soft comfort, no moist feeling, reading lamp, sofa collocation with the two desk lamp was warm, bedside placed 6, 7 on the Liyang books, let guests better understand here, to better integrate into the local evening, not because the streets closed is nothing. Wash the area with a open design, the design of load-bearing walls around the table, wash tea cabinet, placed behind the locker, the separation of dry and wet bathing facilities, own toiletries packaging processing.相关的主题文章: