Ministry of Civil Affairs the central finance has arranged support funds for poverty relief – Sohu n sunny came home

Ministry of Civil Affairs: the central finance has arranged support funds for poverty relief Sohu news Beijing News (reporter Wu Wei) this afternoon, the Ministry of Civil Affairs held a press conference to interpret the State Council issued "on further improving the system of assistance and support for destitute people". Gong Puguang, Vice Minister of the Ministry of civil affairs, introduced that the Ministry of finance has made arrangements for the assistance and support fund for the destitute people, and since 2016, the special transfer payment of the basic living assistance fund for the needy has been put into effect. Miura Hikaru said that the central financial subsidy funds are subsidies and oriented funds, the key is to guide local financial departments to increase capital investment, and to support the service institutions operating costs included in the budget, to ensure the smooth implementation of the system. The Ministry of civil affairs social assistance Secretary Liu Xitang introduced the "opinions" clear in relief support, both urban and rural areas, in line with the "three noes" (no ability to work, no source of income, not dependents debtor or their legal obligations without ability to fulfill the obligations of the elderly and disabled), under 16 years of age minors can be incorporated into the scope of relief for destitute persons. To this end, Liu Xitang said, "in the past when we establish the system of subsistence allowances, rural subsistence allowances system is a pool of funds, city residents system is also funding arrangements for rural five channels, also separate funding arrangements, the establishment of poor relief personnel support system, but also requires the establishment of a unified funding channels."

民政部:中央财政已安排特困救助供养资金-搜狐新闻  新京报快讯(记者吴为)今日下午,民政部召开新闻发布会专题解读国务院印发的《关于进一步健全特困人员救助供养制度的意见》。民政部副部长宫蒲光介绍,目前财政部已就特困人员救助供养补助资金做出安排,从2016年起,纳入困难群众基本生活救助补助资金专项转移支付。   宫浦光说,中央财政补助资金是补贴性、导向性的资金,关键还要引导地方各级财政切实加大资金投入,并将供养服务机构运转费用列入财政预算,确保制度的顺利实施。   民政部社会救助司司长刘喜堂介绍,《意见》明确在救助供养对象方面,无论城乡,凡是符合“三无”(无劳动能力、无生活来源、无法定赡养抚养扶养义务人或者其法定义务人无履行义务能力)的老年人、残疾人、未满16周岁的未成年人,都可以纳入特困人员救助供养的范围。   为此,刘喜堂介绍,“过去我们在建立低保制度的时候,农村低保制度是一个资金池,城市低保制度也有资金安排渠道,农村五保也是单独的资金安排,这次建立特困人员救助供养制度,也是要求建立统一的资金保障渠道。”相关的主题文章: