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UnCategorized No one has done more for the civil rights movement in the United States that Dr Martin Luther King Jr. One of the most inspirational and charismatic leaders that the world has ever known MKL is a revered author and speaker who continues to be a figure for human rights movements that are making the world a better place. Although Martin Luther King Jr. was gunned down outside a Memphis hotel room in 1968 his legacy of hope and change for all people that are created equally continues to be a central message for unifying diverse groups of people. Classrooms across the country celebrate the contribution made to the civil rights movement by honoring Dr. King inside their schools. Martin Luther King posters and framed MLK art can be found in many schools throughout the country where equality and prosperity are taught to new generations of children that enjoy the liberties that Dr. King fought for throughout the 1960’s. Although the holiday .memorating the contributions to all mankind that were made by MLK during his lifetime are now celebrated in 44 states across the Union it has taken a long time for congress to note the work that was done by one of the bravest and most important leaders in American history. In 2011 a national monument to the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was dedicated in Washington DC and many thousands of people attended the dedicatory service that took place in April. For every American that has struggled to be.e who they are and who is continuing to leave a legacy for future generations to follow the MLK posters represent the work of an individual that never feared what others thought of him as he followed what he knew in his heart to be the right course of action in changing governments throughout the south and influencing the federal agencies to accept every individual. The groundbreaking work that has led to the acceptance of all people and opened the doors of educational and career opportunity for all races, creeds and colors are .memorated by the MLK art that hangs in the halls and classrooms of schools, government offices and residences where the pioneering spirit of Dr. King Jr. continues to light the way of tolerance and equality of every individual born in the United States. The famous speeches given in Washington and Memphis are marked by the historic photographs of one of the most influential and powerful leaders of all time in the MLK posters that details the legislation to enact the holiday is available to everyone that has a interest in history and the preservation of equality for all people. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: