More than one thousand listed companies before the estimated results for the three quarter of 60% –

More than one thousand listed companies before the 60% prediction results for the three quarter of the third quarter of 2016 – Sohu securities news is coming to an end, the listed company after the national day will usher in the three quarterly disclosure of the busy work. As of now, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city, 1114 companies have disclosed three quarter results, listed companies in the three quarter of the overall business situation is optimistic, nearly 60% companies pre hi. According to statistics, as of September 25th, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities a total of three quarterly earnings forecast disclosure of 1114 listed companies. Among them, the results of pre hi (including yejiyuzeng and losses) a total of 646 companies, accounting for all the notice has been the performance of the company’s 58%; pre performance worry (including pre cut and loss) of 365 companies, accounting for 33%; performance was essentially flat of 46 companies, 57 companies notice the performance for sure. 1114 listed companies in the first three quarters of the net profit of the first quarter of 887. In the newly listed companies (excluding the first three quarters of last year, net profit data) 845 furniture have comparable data on the estimated half of listed companies net profit range of 136 billion 18 million yuan to 171 billion 256 million yuan, compared with 845 last year the company achieved a total net profit of 108 billion 147 million yuan, an increase of between 26% and 58%. Year on year increase in the number of listed companies is still the majority of small and medium enterprises. Currently, the first three quarters of the performance is expected to increase more than 10 times the number of listed companies have a total of 15, of which there are a small board company for the first time in the first quarter of is expected to increase more than 1 times the number of listed companies have more than 150. Industrial technology before the three quarter net profit of 100 yejiyuzeng become the market "by the king". The company expects the financial costs decrease over the previous period, decline in operating costs, gross profit increased, the first three quarters of net profit of about 21 million 510 thousand and 300 yuan ~3585.05 yuan, an increase of 6000%~10000%. However, the fourteenth typhoon "Meranti" before landing in Xiamen, Fujian province is located in Jinjiang City, the industrial technology may also be affected. The company said it is currently the cause of the loss caused by typhoon disasters, the follow-up will be made to the insurance company claims. At present, production and operation is normal, not affected by typhoon disaster. A few happy tears. The notice of the performance loss of the listed company before the three quarter of 157, of which 9 were identified stock exchange delisting risk warning (*ST), if the 9 companies failed to reverse the loss of the decline in the last 3 months, there will be fear of delisting. The rapid rise in house prices across the country in the background, some real estate companies have resorted to "real magic" shell "". *ST Ning Tong B recently announced that it plans to sell two sets of degree room in Beijing, once the successful sale of these two sets of valuation of 22 million 720 thousand of the property, the company will greatly enhance the probability of Paul shell. It is worth mentioning that there are still 8 GEM companies appear continuous loss situation. According to the arrangement of the Shenzhen stock exchange system, the implementation of fast delisting system of GEM market, two consecutive years of losses will not give delisting risk warning (i.e. identification *ST), price remained at 10%, if third years will continue to losses.相关的主题文章: