Mother nature – Sohu parents through these small movements in school children

The essence of parents through these small movements in school children – a maternal Sohu recently, parents often ask my private chat, issues related to school children. In his description, their performance has been bad, but still insist on going to school, parents are not seriously, just feel the child class did not understand, is to give children a lot of classes, please a tutor counseling homework every day. I did not expect the child recently revealed that they do not want to continue to go to school, I think the study is boring, want to go to the barber shop as an apprentice. The idea came up with an earthquake caused by the family, to Grandpa and grandma, down to the younger sister to do the ideological work of the child, but the child can not say anything, the parents anxious. For weariness problem, many parents want to reverse the child thought through expert urgently I can understand, but most of the time, when the child fell into a deep weariness, basically in a short period of time to do the work, so we often have the side weariness of adult children regret why not read more books. Learning is a process of accumulation of negative emotions, with their parents after anxious to find a better method in children begin to pay close attention to emotional changes, once found signs of weariness, you should take action to ease. Today, I will analysis may reveal the weariness behavior of children in daily life, provide a reference for parents: love, learning is not good reason to outside some children in the face of defeat will blame the outside world, we are called to shirk responsibility, but in the study, the children may not interested on learning. When looking for the reasons from their own children after failing the exam, factors, objective analysis of the result is not good to learn lessons, but said the teacher did not teach, no papers printed, the teacher deliberately own reasons, in fact, their heart failure of their own is very clear, but dare not face, use these to shirk responsibility. The spirit of victory, Lu Xun’s Q has a spiritual victory, when misfortune will choose to avoid the reality, in the spirit of suppressing others sense of achievement. This situation also exists in the weariness of the child. Dare to face the reality when learning frustration, but take evasive attitude, in the past, the child is mapping weariness psychological activities on the essence of the spirit of masturbation. The unhappy rationalization of these children accustomed to their failure to make reasonable description, find some plausible excuses for his failure to cover up, for example, when children reach a multidisciplinary assessment criteria, the objective validity will deny this standard, which will own the unqualified rationalization this, in essence is a kind of mental masturbation, whereby the self image and inner frustration contrast reduction. Later, these students frustrated self-protection in learning, a number of setbacks that their partners, and others, is not the worst, to shirk because of frustration of the psychological pressure, in fact this is a wrong way of social comparison, in order to shirk responsibility, to get rid of psychological pressure. Self deprecating相关的主题文章: