My beautiful wishes are pinned on the camel coat on the body

My beautiful wishes are pinned on the camel coat body as the weather turns cool, the wardrobe clothing color becomes thick and opaque. In recent years the trend has been the camel in the autumn and winter was always remembered, elegant atmosphere camel in the visual look more warmth in this cold winter in the depression is most appropriate. This single product number less, but to get the most typical representative of the word, not the camel coat. The camel coat has like the magnetism, had a woman can feel the charm of nature. It can make young women witty, sweet, but also no lack of charm, like cheese cake with a cup of British black tea, just right taste, will not be boring, not sweet. It makes the mellow woman understand and sedate, exudes women’s taste, more confident and charming, like a cup of mellow, delicate and delicious red wine, make people more product more intoxicated, difficult to resist. Even if the time flies, Baifazhuyan, camel coat still does not leave the company, faithful friends said to accompany us to the old camel coat, will have to mention Max Mara. Max Mara started with a camel colored overcoat, and successfully established the fashion kingdom today for more than 50 years of creativity and ideals. This coat has been MaxMara proud capital, selling cashmere coat after 50 years still looks classic all-match. Its attraction power is self-evident, each actress is its loyal fans. The charm of the gray suit also interested in this story, it also decided to plug, making the story has a sense of strength. The color of camel camel and sounds a bit like all black and all white routines similar + camel camel coat, but it is the interpretation of a simple thing. Unless like a few of the icon were the same in the fashion circle, and has a strong enough gas, otherwise I mortal yellow skin is really easy to make a big mistake. Although first said the risk of camel camel +, but does not mean that it is not possible, but a stronger challenge. The most simple accessories can start, a camel bag, a senior feeling ready ~ yellow white with camel shadow, "twin sisters" on a camel is interesting with champagne ~ the two born noble color is cool, but to avoid piercing is the official grand that visual sense, you need to add some interesting elements or sexy or playful, like Gigi a leg is chic~

我的美丽愿望都寄托在驼色大衣身上随着天气的转凉,衣柜里的服装色系也随之变得厚重浓郁。近几年一直大势的驼色在秋冬时总会被大家记起,典雅大气的驼色在视觉上看起来更加温暖,在这个压抑寒冷的秋冬里最适合不过。驼色单品数不甚数,但要拿最典型最具代表性的来说的话,驼色大衣当仁不让。驼色大衣有着如同磁铁般的吸引力,拥有过的女人自然能感受到它的魅力。它可以使年轻女性俏皮甜美的同时又不乏韵味,如同芝士蛋糕配上一杯英式红茶,恰到好处的口感,不会乏味也不至于甜腻。它让轻熟女知性沉稳,散发女人味,更加自信迷人,像一杯香醇细腻可口的红酒,让人愈品愈沉醉,难以抗拒。即使时光荏苒,白发朱颜,驼色大衣依旧陪伴——忠实不会离去的老友说到能陪我们到中老年的驼色大衣,就不得不提一下Max Mara。Max Mara以一件骆驼色大衣起家,并以50多年的创意及理想,成功建立了今日的时装王国。驼色大衣一直是MaxMara引以为傲的资本,畅销的羊绒大衣在50年后看起来依旧经典百搭。它的吸粉力不言而喻,各路女星都是它的忠实粉丝。韵味十足的灰色西装对这个故事也有点兴趣,便也决定插一脚,使得故事有了份力量感。驼色大衣+驼色 相近色驼加驼听起来有点像all black和all white的套路,但演绎起来就不是那么简单的事了。除非像下面几位icon们一样身处时尚圈,且有足够强大的气场,要不然我等黄皮肤的凡人真的很容易犯大错~虽然先说了驼+驼的危险性,但不代表它就完全没有可能了,只不过挑战性稍强些。最简单的可以在配饰下手,来一个驼色手提包,高级感一下就呼之欲出了~泛黄的米白也有点驼色的影子,“孪生姐妹”放在一块时也蛮有趣~驼色跟香槟色这两种天生高贵的颜色更是天生一对,不过要避免穿出过于正式隆重的即视感,则需要加点或性感或俏皮的有趣元素,像Gigi这样露个腿就很chic~相关的主题文章: