Ningbo woman addicted to gambling, losing millions rent a luxury car price mortgage scam htc802w

Ningbo woman addicted to gambling, losing millions rent a luxury car cheap mortgage money to open a luxury car is not rich, is also likely to cheat. Now the various social deception forms, often a day ago, impossible to guard against, the Municipal Public Security Bureau Li Zhou police station arrested a rented car scam woman. The evening of October 13th, an investment company located in the street outside Li Zhou stopped a brown Porsche Cayenne SUV, car down a woman image and temperament. She speaks Yuyao local accent, look thirty, dress is very appropriate, seems to be a rich man. A woman walked into the company, told the boss to put this car Porsche Cayenne mortgage. And tell each other, this car is a man who owed him money for her debt, in order to make a face of doubt, the boss believes the woman, from his bag and pulled out of the car driving license and the original owners for their own mortgage loan. So seeing women’s sincerity, the investment company boss and women talk about half believe and half doubt the mortgage price, and ultimately to 300 thousand yuan ultra low price agreement, this let the boss feel a little excited, thought: "the value of women really do not know the car or." After the agreement, the two sides began a series of mortgage procedures, until the time to pay the bill, some do not trust the boss is always looked at the woman repeatedly brought the driving license and IOUs, and on the other hand, women seem anxious to clear the deal, to get the money. Although it was already late at night, but the more anxious to worry about the investment company boss or a long heart, call the original owner of the phone to verify, the result surprised him. On the other side of the phone, I heard that the car was going to be mortgaged. It was urgent. I told the other party that I was a car rental company. The car was rented by me the day before, and immediately drove from Ningbo to Yuyao. At this time, the woman’s lie was exposed, went away. In the early morning of October 14th, the owner of a car rental company from Ningbo arrived in Yuyao overnight and chose to call the police. Li Zhou police station the police immediately, and the night the woman arrested. After interrogation, the woman confessed her crime of fraud. Women’s surname, 37 years old this year. Duan was originally a Yuyao people, the family economic conditions are very superior. After marriage, in order to accompany children to study, settled in Hangzhou. Because of family advantages, Duan started a full-time mother. But without any source of money, the section feels empty and wants to earn some money. A few years ago, a period of exposure to online gambling, from the initial small win to lose later, to the end of the bankrupt, within a few years, some have lost tens of millions, home to help her to pay the debt, became a negative. However, great Chuangxia a still obsessed, always think from network gambling Fanben to. So, the paragraph came up with a car rental mortgage fraud means, want to get a few hundred thousand, and so on, won the money back on the fine. The afternoon of October 12th, she was in Ningbo Yinzhou District a car rental company rented a Porsche Cayenne, then someone forged vehicle driving license and special mortgage IOUs, second days until the evening came to Yuyao to give the car to mortgage.

宁波少妇沉迷赌博输掉上千万 租豪车低价抵押骗钱   开豪车的未必就是富豪,骗子也很有可能。如今社会上各种伪装欺骗形式多样,往往令人防不胜防,日前,市公安局梨洲派出所就抓获了一名租来豪车骗钱的女子。   10月13日晚上,位于梨洲街道的一家投资公司外停下了一辆棕色保时捷卡宴越野车,车上下来了一名形象气质俱佳的女子。女子操余姚本地口音,看上去三十几岁,穿着打扮都很得体,似乎是个有钱人。   不一会儿,女子走进了该公司,告诉老板要把这辆保时捷卡宴抵押。并且告诉对方,这车是一名欠他钱的男子用来还她欠债的,为了让一脸疑惑的公司老板相信,女子从自己的名牌包包里拿出了车子的行驶证和原车主写给自己的抵押借条。   眼见女子如此有诚意,投资公司老板半信半疑地与女子谈起了抵押价格,最终以30万元的超低价达成了协议,这让老板感觉有点兴奋,心里暗想:“女人到底还是不懂车的价值。”达成协议后,双方开始了一系列的抵押手续,直到准备付款的时候,始终有些不放心的老板还在反复打量着女子拿来的行驶证和借条,而另一方面,女子明显看上去有些急着完成这笔交易,早点拿到钱。   虽然当时已经是深夜,但越想越担心的投资公司老板还是长了个心眼,拨打了原有车主的电话进行核实,结果让他大吃一惊。电话那头一听到车子要被抵押,一下就急了,连忙告诉对方自己是租车公司,这车是前一天被人给租走的,并且立刻从宁波往余姚赶。到了这个时候,女子的谎言被戳穿,灰溜溜地逃走了。   10月14日凌晨,从宁波连夜赶到余姚的租车公司老板选择了报警。梨洲派出所民警立刻出警,并连夜将这名女子抓获。   经过审讯,女子交代了自己实施诈骗的犯罪事实。女子姓段,今年37岁。段某原本是余姚人,家庭经济条件十分优越。结婚后,为了陪伴孩子读书,定居在杭州。由于家境优越,段某做起了全职妈妈。但没有自己的经济来源,让段某感觉有些空虚,就想着去赚点钱。几年前,段某接触到了网络赌博,从最初的小赢,到后来的小输,再到最后的倾家荡产,几年之内,段某就输掉了上千万,家里为了帮她还债,一下成了负翁。然而,闯下大祸的段某却依然执迷不悟,总想着从网络赌博中去翻本。于是,段某想出了租车抵押的诈骗手段,想先弄个几十万,等把钱赢回来了就没事了。10月12日下午,她在宁波鄞州区一家租车公司租了一辆保时捷卡宴,然后找人伪造了车辆行驶证和抵押借条,第二天专门等到晚上来到余姚想把车给抵押,没想到却被识破。   目前,犯罪嫌疑人段某已经被警方刑事拘留,案件正在进一步审理之中。相关的主题文章: