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NT suspended three yang ‘central’ rare early intervention NT closed slightly lower on Tuesday, the three day suspension even higher trend. Market participants said that because of the devaluation of the won and RMB, and the "central bank" rare intervention in early trading, Taiwan dollar failed to continue to benefit from the import of foreign capital and suspend the appreciation trend. It also pointed out that the central bank today while gap foreign import, prior to the late morning to buy dollars, just more than 3 nt whipped pressure angle, declaring the drag lift NT determination. The afternoon turned to sell exporters, real transaction price is significantly weak morning, as usual, the central bank entry price makes the final, 3.2 points for Taiwan small demoted, turnover is due to central bank intervention on the date to expand. As for the development of Hong Kong dollar, traders think it depends on the trend of foreign capital. Today, the foreign investment in the Taiwan stock market turned into over 9 billion 82 million NT dollars, which stopped the sale of two days, and whether it will continue to buy over tomorrow will be the key to whether the Taiwan dollar can continue to rise. Traders predict that the main real trading range between NT and USD will be 33.050-33.300 in the future. The non deliverable forward market in overseas (NDF), the current month day period since the discount to NT $swap premium, indicating that the market is expected to weaken in Taiwan; a month late NT $33.212 on the day far report 33.152, to close at 33.035. The main trading range of NT dollar is 33.049-33.450, and the last day is 33.001-33.301. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

台币中止三连阳 ‘央行’罕见提前干预   台币周二收盘小幅下跌,中止连三日走高的趋势。市场人士表示,因韩元与人民币走贬,且‘央行’罕见在早盘进场干预,使得台币未能继续受益于外资汇入而中止升值走势。   其并指出,央行今日趁外资汇入后的空档,提前于早市尾盘大买美元,硬是将台币掼压逾3角,宣示阻升台币的决心。午后出口商转趋惜售,令实质交易价位明显较上午弱势,终场央行照例进场作价,使得台币小贬3.2分作收,成交量也因央行干预较上日扩大。   至于台币后市如何发展,交易员认为,还是要看外资的动向而定。今日外资在台股现货转为买超90.82亿台币,中止了连两日卖超,明日是否持续买超,将是台币能否续升的关键。交易员预测明日台币兑美元主要实质交易区间料在33.050-33.300。   在海外无本金交割远期外汇市场(NDF)方面,目前一个月天期美元 台币换汇点自折价转溢价,显示市场预期台币将走弱;尾盘一个月美元 台币远汇报33.152 33.212,上日收在33.035。   今日台币主要交易区间在33.049-33.450,上日在33.001-33.301。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: