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Politics Are you ready for the future, is this going to be a fantasy, dream, nightmare or a tragedy? The evil Empire is alive, well and about to take total control. What will you do when one of its storm troopers knocks on your door to obtain your .pliance to one of the extraordinary powers you have given to the Empire? Will your protest or .plain about the lack of freedom and liberty you once had? If you don’t .ply, will someone protest the injustice or will you just be taken away? If the Empire takes total control who will you or anyone else protest to? Will protesters be dealt with quickly and decisively? Have we had any warnings about this dark side oppression? Most have at least heard of the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire ruled the known world for about 500 years and the major causes of its decline are: bad (in.petent, corrupt) leadership, disunity, economic problems, diseases, mass migration and immigration of non-roman people, the settlement of a large part of its land by non-Romans, the decline in the quality of its armies and Rome had exported much of its economic wealth. This is not a .plete listing of causes for the decline of the Roman Empire, these are widely recognized as the major causes. Look them over carefully. How many of them relate to today in the U.S. The ultimate dark empire was of much more recent times and its leader was truly a dark entity. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party became the government force in Germany, setting the stage for many tragedies and World War II. There is little disagreement that Hitler was evil, had designs of spreading his empire throughout the world and to put his status in modern terms, he was the emperor and Darth Vader all in one. He gave great powerful speeches, made wonderful promises, lied frequently and knew how to exploit human weaknesses. He promised to make things better for his country. He knew that well informed people were difficult to control so he became a master of propaganda, he controlled the media and the information it gave to the people. Hitler made the blueprints for future dark empires to follow. Hitler was an evil, powerful man who made large, terrible, mistakes, that cost him his desire of world control by his dark empire. Three of the quotes from Hitler that have relevance for today: "How fortunate for governments that the people they administer don’t think.", "If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed." And "Sooner will a camel pass through a needle’s eye then a great man be discovered by an election". Another dark empire is with us today that seems to be well aware of the ways of Hitler. Observations of these quotes are relevant today and I believe it is rare for the best, most qualified people to be chosen to run for an elected office and even much more rare for the best, most qualified to be elected. We are frequently lied to by the dark side and one recent, very large lie is "Weapons Of Mass Destruction", repeated many, many times and believed. The most the dark empire need do to avoid problems from those it wants to rule is to make it possible for them to make their car payments, their house payments, afford medical insurance (so that drugs/chemicals are available), to afford food and to make sure sporting events are .mon/available. The dark empire is not doing well with at least two of these, because it needs to look at its propensity for extreme greed. "Star Wars" gives us an explanation of who the dark force empire is. There is an easy .parison between the U.S. Government, large corporations and special interests, many political leaders and Darth Vader’s Evil Dark Empire. Most of us believe that our government is either in.petent in its make-up, corrupt or both. Most also believe/know that the government is owned by/corrupted by large corporations and special interests. Who is worse, the corrupted or the ones doing the corrupting? I believe both must be dealt with. Recent studies are showing us that the court systems are as corrupt as the government. Who has let all of this dark force power .e to be? Just look in the mirror. There are more of us than them and we must do something decisive soon. The answers are quite simple: term limits, each candidate for public office will have the same limited dollar amount to spend on any campaign for public office, eliminate the lobby system, know that they need our votes, support and money. A quote from "Swing Vote", "If we are the richest country in the world, why is it that so many of us can barely afford to live here"? RSBBrown About the Author: 相关的主题文章: