One day weight loss plan to arrange diet and exercise avbox

One day lose weight diet and exercise plan grasping lead: Sunday everyone in the rest, but can not stop the weight loss plan. Make good use of the rest time, we can see the effect of losing weight. How to lose weight on Sunday? Recommend you refer to a day weight loss program, from diet to exercise, a comprehensive help you burn fat thin! (source: yixiun body network) 1, Sunday morning exercise can stay in bed, but it is best to get up at 9 o’clock, because too much sleep makes you fat. After getting up, the first thing is to exercise, you can open your yoga mat, start 30 minutes of yoga practice. 2, after breakfast exercise, you can start to wash and prepare breakfast. Recommend you choose to make, so it will be more convenient, but also to ensure nutrition! The first choice of milk and oatmeal, because protein and a variety of trace elements, are very low fat, suitable for weight loss and fitness you. 3, the purchase of ingredients after breakfast, you can go to the grocery store to buy fresh ingredients for lunch or dinner. If you do not know what to eat, here are a few recommendations to everyone. Potato leek soup and white beans, tofu, pasta and tomato soup and vegetables Steamed Rice roasted cauliflower, baked sweet potato Mexico corn pancake and corn porridge. Only need to master the salt component of every meal, eight full. 4, afternoon time appropriate nap can adjust the biological clock, let you have a better state. On Saturday, you can also take a 30 minute lunch break and then start your hobbies in the afternoon. Afternoon meal, then try to fruit and pasta based. Dinner, do not eat more than 19 points, so as not to digest food too late.相关的主题文章: