Online discount Tianjin city card Cheap no good goods (map) hyuna

Online discount Tianjin city card? No good cheap goods (Figure) recently, there are many such messages in the circle of friends and the Internet: "Tianjin city card 30 percent off card, often take the subway, bus for friends" bus card discount sales value of 300 yuan, only 240 yuan"…… Some people have bought these discount card, but often only a cottage. Buy a new city card a few days on the failure of reporter recently received several people to reflect, Tianjin city card usually use the sudden appearance of degaussing, failure, how is this going? After questioning, the original city card of these people are from Taobao or circle of friends to buy the so-called discount card, such as 240 yuan to buy a face value of $300 city card, or informal channels to buy discount cards. Ms. Lee to the public to see the original circle of friends to sell this card small ads: to welfare! I can now apply for Tianjin city card 30 percent off card business. This card is often used to travel by bus, subway travel friends. By bus this card will not send any ‘hello’, ‘welcome’ voice……" The car was returned to an account, with his card can save 54 yuan per month. The public Mr. Sun bought a 30 percent off city card, but five or six days later, on the subway when suddenly how credit card lockage did not respond, find the subway staff query is found invalid card. Ms. Lee also encountered a similar situation, in her circle of friends to buy discount City Kagan use, but also normal credit card to take the bus, subway, but suddenly one day, does not recognize the credit card machine. Online shopping city card recharge illegal blacklist will be frozen with doubt, reporters call the Tianjin city card service hotline, wiring the customer service representative said, these people in the online purchase of the city card, is actually to be criminals to rewrite the prepaid data in the card, illegal recharge card. "We conducted a review of the transaction data, found no card recharge records, but the illegal recharge card balance without increasing, so the city card will be included in the blacklist, blacklist, the system will freeze the city card function." In short, this so-called discount city card, is a false recharge card criminals, will soon be able to check out. The staff told reporters: Tianjin has 30 percent off subway card, but for the city of Tianjin is the primary and secondary school students, secondary school, technical school and students’ occupation, 70 years old, the average city card does not have a discount of 30 percent off. Tianjin City Card Co., city card outlets and only open to the public transport group, subway, post office, and did not open at the Taobao service outlets. City card staff to remind the public should be through formal city card or prepaid card purchase outlets. At present, the regular outlets include: customer service center of Tianjin city card; bus, Metro Line 1 and line 9 recharge outlets; post office, Sinopec easyJet convenience stores, supermarkets, convenience, good harvest and generous love spring convenience stores, supermarkets, convenience supermarket Dapeng Huarun etc.. Daily news reporter Wang Yuekun相关的主题文章: