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P2P chaos, this is the law (Economics focus) – Finance – people.com.cn drawing: Guo Xiang CBRC, the Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security, the state Internet Information Office 24, jointly issued the "Interim Measures" business management information network lending intermediaries, clear net loan supervision system, net loan business rules on the net loan, business management and risk control requirements, and promote the healthy development of network lending industry, protect the interests of consumers, and promote internet financial efficiency. "Approach" arranged a 12 month transitional period. After the official release of the measures, the China Banking Regulatory Commission will be released as soon as the net loan customer funds depository of third parties, as well as the net loan institutions and other institutions to disclose information disclosure system, improve the net loan industry regulatory system. Net loan institution is the essence of information intermediaries rather than credit intermediary "measures" clear network lending refers to the individual and between individuals through the Internet platform to achieve direct lending, P2P net loan individual known to the public, which belongs to the category of private lending. The nature of net loan information intermediaries is the information intermediary rather than credit intermediaries, so not to absorb public deposits, imputation funds shall not set up the pool of funds, shall not provide any form of security for the lender. CBRC Inclusive Finance Department Director Li Junfeng said, at present, many net loan institutions from the qualitative information intermediary, guarantee credit, misallocating capital pool, by the information intermediary alienation as credit intermediary, the future will focus on such behavior norms, the nature of the net lending institutions return to information intermediary. According to reports, in recent years, the scale of net loan industry rapid growth momentum, the risk of chaos have occurred. According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of June 2016, net loan institutions nationwide operating a total of 2349, loan balance of 621 billion 261 million yuan, two data than the end of 2014, up 49.1% and 499.7% respectively. Cumulative problem platform 1778, accounting for about 43.1% of the total number of institutions, these problems appear in the volume, foot and other situations, some organizations to touch the bottom line of illegal fund-raising. Follow the principle of micro dispersed, the highest personal loan 1 million yuan Li Junfeng said that the future regulation of net loan business, the key is to formulate the basic rules of business improvement, rather than institutions and business access approval, to strengthen it in the post regulation. The "measures" the implementation of negative list management, the negative list definition of net loan business boundaries, clear net lending institutions can not engage in the thirteen prohibitions behavior, including not to absorb public deposits, imputation funds shall not set up the pool of funds, shall not provide any form of security for the lender. In particular, according to comments added, shall not engage in the asset securitization business class or to realize the transfer of creditor’s rights behavior, asset securitization, asset package trust assets, fund shares and other forms of information, shall not provide intermediary services to the high risk of financing. Deputy director of Finance and financial law China academy room Yin Zhentao said, at present, many net loan platform is to carry out a large number of asset securitization business or private public offering, there are a lot of this type of platform business features. Shall not engage in the transfer of claims相关的主题文章: