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Business In the industrial region, cooling water treatment is an indispensable hyperlink. Are you aware some thing .prehensive about it? If your answer is “No”, I would choose to offer you a .prehensive evaluation on cooling h2o therapy. In the 1st place, a collection of .plete water treatment system is the key. Generally speaking, the industrial h2o treatment system design ought to provide the integrated planning for h2o supply and drainage system, cooling devices and h2o source. Such a system can be split up into two categories, which can be open system and closed system. Outside h2o therapy experience fitted for that one that relies on fresh h2o as water source. If adopting the seawater as condenser’s cooling water source, it ought to turn to fresh water close-type system or seawater open-type system. Also, there are plenty of other designs in terms of water therapy system, most notably auxiliary cooling h2o system, closed and opened recirculation cooling h2o system or once-through cooling system and so forth. Within the meanwhile, with regards to the concrete cooling water treatment , it also needs the participation of some articles for example cleaning media, anti blocking agent and the like. Take the anti-blocking agent for instance. Its main .ponent is environmental-friendly crystal .plex. It can eliminate the rust, Calcium carbonate scale and some stubborn dirt like that on the fluid pipeline oral appliance machines. Besides, it’s broadly used in the pipeline that is made from stainless steel, steel, iron, plastic, copper or lead. Besides, it will not affect the normal operations and structures of devices. Such a water-solubility material is easy to remain dissolved in water and will not produce any toxic gas. All at once, the antisludging agent also plays precisely the same role together with the anti-blocking agent, which happens to be put on to circulating cooling water system and also the daily maintenance for water-cooling system of central air-conditioning ad boiler. Some physical methods are also adopted by cooling h2o therapy like static-electricity method, membrane treatment, cathode protection method, aluminizing and titanium method. To illustrate, cathode protection depends upon the direct current that flows within the device which is protected by electrolytes. Then, the electric potential is moved to the range of protective potential so as to protect the device from corrosion. Another example, the titanium has perfect corrosion resisting property, which can be extensively applied to chemical process, oil refining and anti-corrosion equipments. The heat exchanger is one of most excellent applications. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: