Price war continues four intermediate luxury sedan you choose (video) ca1871

The price war lasted four mid-level luxury sedan as you choose four mid-level luxury sedan you choose any car manufacturers guide price (yuan) FAW Audi A4L29.98-41.28 BMW 3 series 28.3-59.88 Beijing Benz C 36.9-47.9 Lexus ES (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) 29.8-49.8 Tencent car tab to test drive the new Audi A4L video, let you full A4L now Chinese car market is no longer like before, luxury brands no longer observe his gestures and noble, and popular brands of the price gap is more and more close, especially in the field of intermediate car, consumers do not have to pay a high price, you can have a luxury brand intermediate car, old king hall swallows, flying into the homes of ordinary people, today we recommend several models is that, with the new Audi A4L listed , competition will undoubtedly be more intense. Recommended models: FAW Audi A4L (with, pictures, inquiry) official guidance price: 29.98-41.28 million in September 10, 2016, the domestic new Audi A4L officially listed in Shanghai, the new price of 29.98-41.28 million. Domestic new Audi A4L launched six models, are equipped with the third generation EA888 2.0T engine (high and low power options). Domestic new Audi A4L is still the main route of science and technology, based on the new platform to build, the latest family design, equipped with a new power system, it will have to make a strong opponent of terror. The new Audi A4L appearance is still based on the classical tradition as the theme, it looks more like the current A4L (B8) once again the change of the medium-term, vehicle side people at a glance can recognize this is a A4L. However, as the light factory, the new Audi A4L in front and rear lights group upgrade efforts are huge. Cool sense of matrix full LED headlamps finally appeared, taillights also upgraded to the LED light source and no glare. In addition, before and after the lights are used dynamic steering lights, visual effects. On the other hand, with the current A4L (B8) compared to the biggest change is the rearview mirror is connected by a A column to move to the door, and the aerodynamic design, not only more elegant (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) appearance, but also enhance the forward side view. The new Audi A4L changes to the interior is subversive. If you use a phrase to describe it, it must be simple and not simple". The console and is no longer like the cash as a bloated, but reflects a clear sense of hierarchy. Imitation wood texture trim (fashion (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) type) or silver trim (Sports) use adds to the whole interior luxury and a sense of movement, of course, if we have a watch is good, but this is not important. The most attractive is the 12.3 inch LCD display, which is the most important part of the Audi virtual cockpit. It has two modes and a variety of menu for the call, I believe, do not play on a period of time you will not stop. The new MMI also has a larger screen, more advanced mode of operation and more features相关的主题文章: