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Travel-and-Leisure Halong, which means descending dragons is most beautiful place in north eastern Vietnam. Story of dragons is associated with this place. The historical literature says that Dragons came to this place to assist this country in fighting against the invaders. Once the battle was over, the dragons decided to stay in this bay forever. The place where mother dragon decided to stay is now known as Halong. This story is very popular but the reason why tourists .e here is not to listen to the story of dragons and feel it but to view the spectacular islands which are more than 2500 in number. The specialities of these islands which differentiate it from the islands on other parts of world are the lime stones and karsts. The formation of stones in the form of islands is unique. Not only this but these islands are places of number of plants that are rarely found anywhere else on the earth. After reading the above, if you make up your mind to experience Vietnam tours , then you must know the best way to visit it. Your travel can be.e highly .fortable if you set on the trip via the Halong Cruise. You will enjoy the journey while enjoying the high quality ac.modation and excellent services. To discover the bay in luxury cruise is undoubtedly the best way to experience the eye-catching grandeur of this place. The feeling of passing by the narrow rock formations while enjoying the leisure activities on cruise is one of the wonderful experiences which you can cherish for lifetime. There is plethora of engaging experiences on luxury boats for the tourists to convert their short journey into their most memorable experiences. Bamboo boat row, flower carving, cooking are some of the contest designed for the travellers. You can decide and indulge on the activities or even stay away from contests and relax in a super cool manner on the decks and enjoy the passing rock formations and floating villages. As you shake hands or share cocktails with many other tourists on the same cruise, you will surely make some memorable cultural connections and while your journey ends you will surely take home some sweet memories of the kind hospitality and utmost professional services of crew members. If we talk about the services that are available on the Halong Bay Cruise, then your list will find a whole lot of activities which will surpass your expectations even. You will be served highly nutritious meals from breakfast to dinner. Fishing, kayaking are some of the activities that you can enjoy at daytime whereas as the evening time .es closure, the entertainment activities on board increase and leisure activities like film entertainment begins in dining room, you can enjoy the movie along with the cocktails that will be served there. Message services remains available throughout on most of the cruise. Playing cards and board games are regular to keep you engaged in fun activities. You can enquire about the prices of all the services from Vietnam tour travel service providers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: