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Fiction The truth is that reading is dying out. Most people spend their free time watching television and surfing the internet. The one who suffers is reading. It is more difficult to pick up a book than it is to switch on the television and watch a mindless show. However, the truth is that reading has more benefits than people acknowledge. And that is why it is important to encourage our children to read more. Here are the reasons: a.It improves the vocabulary. Childhood is the time when children pick up words the most. It is the time when they learn to read and write. So when children are encouraged to read, the chances of them picking up new words increases. b.The next reason why children should read more of Star Wars and the Old Star Wars is because it develops their imagination. Imagination is something that holds its stead when things get bad. At every point of life, it is imagination for the better that helps people succeed. So when children are encouraged to read books like Star Wars and the Old Star Wars, they can develop a fertile imagination. c.Another reason why people should encourage their kids to read more would be to give them something to do other than watching television or playing .puter games. Too much television and .puters is not only robbing the new generation of actually playing, it is also keeping them away from reading. Too much television and .puter also corrupts the young mind. So give your children the pleasure of reading and see them develop a new hobby. d.Children should be encouraged to read because reading gives them the ability spend time alone. Most children find it difficult to spend time alone because they dont know what to do with it. They are listless and are found to do lots of stuff they are not supposed to do. When you encourage children to read, you give them an occupation that will help them never feel lonely in their lives. That is definitely a good thing. 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