Red coordinates convey the spirit of Long March winbook

"Red coordinate" the spirit of the long march – Travel Channel original title: "the red coordinates" transfer Xiangjiang Guangxi Xingan County, long march spirit Battle Memorial Park (June 8, 2006). In mid November 1934, Jiang Jieshi mobilized 300 thousand troops, the blockade on both sides of Xiangjiang under the fourth containment red cloth. In November 25th, the Soviet Revolutionary Military Commission of the Central Committee issued a forced Xiangjiang command, after a bloody battle, the Red Army finally broke through the fourth line of the heavily fortified enemy, in an attempt to crush Jiang Jieshi in Xiangjiang east of the Central Red Army weijian. The battle of Xiangjiang is one of the most heroic battle of the Central Red Army, after the battle of Xiangjiang, the Central Red Army and the central authorities from the start of the long march of more than 8 people dropped to more than 3 people. The long march is a manifesto, a publicity team, a seeding machine. The long march of the Red Army along the way, not only the revolutionary propaganda and truth, also sow the seeds of revolution, and create favorable conditions for the later development of revolutionary struggle. 80 years later, the Red Army road left a Red Army memorial, erected a monument for future generations, to tell the revolutionary ideals and beliefs of surge high and sweep forward journey, transfer of revolutionary predecessors. (Xinhua News Agency: Li Xingyue, even pure commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: