Regulators meeting to convey information management industry to rectify the idea according to the po ca1835

Regulators meeting to convey the information management industry to rectify the idea: according to the position classification sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Jiepan listen to expert selection on Tournament Lin shares Niugu twenty-first Century economic report twenty-first Century Livy Economic Herald reporter learned exclusively, in August 30th, regulators convened on the "new line" of the meeting, and on the current the information management industry, the implementation of the new deal and the next regulatory ideas convey. At the meeting, regulators believe that the current capital of the company as the representative of the information management agency, there are certain governance and organizational structure issues and business problems. The organizational structure of the problem existing in the internal control, including improper competition, part-time salary equity phenomenon of parent subsidiary corporation; and the business problem is deviated from the industry, the lack of effective regulation of disease etc.. According to sources close to the regulators, the implementation of new line, the new product size dropped significantly. The meeting, the regulators said that the future for information management industry will adhere to the "to return to the essence of" principle, to guide the industry return information management source; and will also strengthen the bottom line, maintaining stability in the smooth and orderly risks. According to the conference information, regulators will be the next step according to the information management business location, classification of existing multi class services, mainly includes the following four points: one is to ban products Rigid payment and structured financing business, no money pool; two is to limit the channel business and financing of non-standard business; three is to increase efforts to regulate on investment products and structured products; four is to encourage the ability of the institutions to expand active investment management business. In fact, regulators also regulate the information management business from more details. According to the twenty-first Century economic report reported earlier, after regulators issued a "new line", considering more detailed specifications of the products on the part of the record information management program, and are products of record review and self-regulation (record review), commissioned third party to provide advice services (investment consulting business class), structured asset management products (hereinafter referred to as structured products) were window guidance and opinions for the new. For non-standard class of structured finance business, reporters had been from a number of brokerage and fund company confirmed that regulators have been clearly structured before the window guidance of non-standard products not for the record "". Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: