Removing Adhesive Residue From The Hair In A System Or Lace

Hair-Loss Removing the adhesive residue from the hair of a hair system is incredibly important. The adhesive in the hair can create a lot of stress and degradation to the hair knots as well as to the integrity of the base material. When cleaning a system or lace front always try to have the most refined natural solvent or removal available. The most .mon cleaners on the market are citrus based but have a yellow or orange appearance. Your best choice cost a bit more but is well worth it in the maintenance of your hair system . The base as well as the hairs are better protected with a refined remover such as Adhesio’ Adhesive Cleaner. Youll know its the most refined by its crystal clear appearance. Apply Adhesio’ Adhesive Cleaner to a cotton pad or swab, apply to the tape or adhesive area and allow to work. When the adhesive is loosened gently remove the system from your head. Apply additional Adhesio’ Adhesive Cleaner to the adhesive or tape and allow the cleaner to work. Gently remove the tape. With tape or adhesive you will notice that the residue is beginning to break down and coagulate. You can use a soft wash cloth or soft bristle brush to work the residue off the lace or base material and into the hair. Once the residue is in the hair it can easily be .bed out of the hair with a fine tooth .b then washed as usual until all oil and adhesive residue have been removed from the hair. It may be necessary to wash the hair two or three times but it is important to get all adhesive and solvent residues from the hair, base material and tape tab areas. Once the hair is .pletely cleansed of any residue apply a gentle leave in conditioner to the hair and allow the hair to air dry. If you should find any area where there appears to be residue or oil it is advised to repeat the process again. It is advisable to concentrate on only those areas that need attention and avoid areas where the hair is clean. Rinse the entire system apply leave in conditioner and allow to air dry. It may seem like a lot to do but it is wise to understand that the alternative is hair loss, scalp irritation and the breakdown of your systems base. Whenever residue is left in the hair it always settles in the knots and the base material. The .bination of products and chemicals with body oils and acids will most definitely cause break down in your system and hair. A few simple tips to remember: Whenever possible dilute your shampoo and conditioner. Wash rinse and repeatat least once or twicethis isnt your head this is a textile and hair or fiber that are not a part of you other than their attached for a period of time to you head. Rinse, Rinse, Rinse and Rinse some more. The longer you rinse the more residue and body fluids youll remove and the cleaner your system. Finally, consider an additional system to rotate for the best possible hygiene. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: