Revoke the honest account do not give much leeway for the construction of anti-corruption corruption k9084

Revoke the honest account: do not give much leeway for the construction of anti-corruption corruption sooner – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Li Feng) Guizhou province Qiannan Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau and the Tuyun Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision Bureau recently issued a notice, cancel the account. At the end of August and early September, Sichuan, Guangdong, Chongqing and other places have issued a notice, notice, cancel the account. Concerned that the cancellation of more honest account, which means that the discipline inspection departments blocked cadres accepting illegal gifts before the retreat, some cadres received the "Commission" to make "security" approach does not work. "Cancel account is a good thing, broken corrupt retreat." The personnel who refused to disclose the name of the state of Qiannan told reporters, before there are chances of some cadres, think you can first received red, hear the "wind" feeling "signs" not to give money to the account. Revoke the honest account, can cut off their luck, supervise the cadres always remain sober minded, consciously resist unhealthy practices, and resolutely to reject gifts. It is understood that honest accounts in some places have more than 10 years of history. For example, the Anhui Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection had been set up homonym for "I don’t want" 581 independent accounts in 2001, all the money will be called on the province’s party members and cadres should not receive a refund is paid to account, payment can be signed both is not signed, the money paid into the treasury. From the "981" (homonym for "not") to "510" (homonym for "I want to clean"), to "35581" (homonym for "I don’t send me"), honest account set up around the play a positive role of "pedagogical, saving lives" in a very long period of time. Some experts said that the establishment of clean and honest account, in particular historical conditions have its rationality, but it also makes the deterrent deterrent. Therefore, from the date of birth, the ICAC accounts have been controversial. Guizhou Guizhou Eagle Law Firm lawyer Pan Lejing believes that with the development of the times, the account is also to a certain extent the corrupt "shield", showing a negative effect. "Some officials felt some bribes may be found, there will be selective part of the bribe to the account, in order to better hide themselves." Experts said that with the implementation of the "Chinese Communist Party disciplinary regulations", strengthen the strict anti-corruption mark gradually moved, the account will gradually fade out the stage of history, instead of the majority of Party members and cadres of self-discipline more stringent requirements.相关的主题文章: