Russia and Iran signed the sales contract for the sale of Su -30 fighter – Sohu news

Russia will sign the sales contract for the sale of Su -30 fighter – Sohu News [global network reporter Fang Fang reported June 17 2] according to Reuters quoted the Russian news agency reported that Iranian, Russia will be in this year with the Iranian signed sales contract, sell a group of Su -30 fighter to the iranian. According to reports, Iran’s defense minister Hossain? Between February 15th to 16, Gansu guldahl’s visit to Moscow, he held talks with Russian President Putin, but the Kremlin did not disclose more details. According to Russian media reports, "Dehegan said in Russian -24" television program: "we will try to have the flexibility of conventional defense system, the most sophisticated. If the answer to this question with a word, I want to say: the environment is in rapid change, but it is not stable, of course, we will improve the overall defense capability, may put more effort in some aspects." The Russian satellite network news, Iran supply is equipped with "Ruby" supersonic anti-ship missiles "fortress" land-based mobile missile system, "Jacques – 130" coach fighter, M – 817 fighter and family, including diesel electric submarines, frigates & " quot; level of surface ships, tanks and other naval T90 equipment is being negotiated. Russian political scientist Vladimir? Sazhin believes that Iran has been in isolation, are denied access to new weapons and technology opportunities. The visit to Moscow by Iran’s defense minister shows that Tehran is interested in developing military technical cooperation with moscow.

俄罗斯将与伊朗签署军售合同 出售苏-30战斗机-搜狐新闻  【环球网综合报道 记者 方芳】据路透社2月17日援引俄新社消息称,俄罗斯将在今年与伊朗签署军售合同,向伊朗出售一批苏-30战斗机。   据报道,伊朗国防部长侯赛因?德赫甘2月15日至16日之间访问莫斯科,他与俄罗斯总 统普京举行了会晤,但是克林姆林宫没有透露更多细节。   据俄媒报道,德赫甘在“俄罗斯-24”电视台的节目中表示:“我们将努力拥有最精良的、最具机动性的常规防御系统。如果用一句话回答这个问题,我想说:环境是在飞速变化的,但它不稳定,当然,我们将从整体上提高防御能力,可能在某些方面投入更多的精力。”   俄罗斯卫星网消息称,伊朗供应配备有“红宝石”超音速舰载反舰导弹的“堡垒”岸基机动式导 弹系统,“雅克-130”型教练战斗机,米-8 17家族战斗机,以及包括柴电潜艇、" 护卫舰"级水面舰艇、T-90型坦克等海军装备也正在磋商之中。   俄罗斯政治学家弗拉基米尔?萨任认为,伊朗多年来一直处于孤立之中,被剥夺了获取 新型武器和生产技术的机会。伊朗国防部长此次访问莫斯科表明,表明德黑兰对同莫斯科发展军事技术合作感兴趣。相关的主题文章: