Samsung note 7 charging explosion when the extent of this really scary winavi video converter

Samsung Note 7 charging explosion damage really scary Samsung Note 7 has just listed soon, even the state line version has not officially debut, but was exposed by a very powerful message. The day before, a netizen in the Post Bar map said, is the Korean version of the Samsung Note 7 in charge explosion. Look at the pictures in the destruction of mobile phone, really make people tremble with fear. Samsung Note 7 explosion of the explosion of the Samsung Note 7 fuselage for coral blue, almost the entire screen was burned. But the mobile phone is bad thing, as long as no injury to the person is lucky. Samsung Note 7 exploded phone explosion can not be so easy to forget, after all, will seriously affect the safety of life. Allegedly, the matter has attracted the attention of Samsung, they are currently investigating the matter. The picture from the explosion point of view, the user may not have to use the original charger when charging Samsung Note 7, which is an important reason for the daily life of mobile phone explosion caused. Samsung Note 7 explosion is reported, Note Samsung is the first of its Type-C interface using the phone, the average user to charge for Note 7, the need to install an additional adapter head. So, we still do not trouble, use the original charger as well, and when the phone is charging away as far as possible in order to prevent injury.相关的主题文章: